Evolution and the Sin in Eden
A New Christian Synthesis

Anthony Zimmerman
University Press of America, Inc.
Lanham. New York. Oxford
Listed among "Books of Note" in
Science and Spirit Magazine, Jan/Feb. 2000
Copyright 1998
University Press of America, Inc.
Reproduced with Permission

This book brings together into a plausible synthesis what we know about original sin as taught by the Catholic Church, and what paleontologists and philologists can tell us about our Adam and Eve. Doctrine teaches that original sin deprives us of the state of sanctifying grace at birth, which is restored through Baptism. Science appears to point to the actual commission of the sin perhaps 200,000 years ago by a Homo Sapiens couple.

by Anthony Zimmerman, STD
Nagoya, Japan

Title and Foreword

Chapter 1: Revelation, Sin, and Speech

Chapter 2: Marvels of Human Speech

Chapter 3: Pre-Homo Sapiens People Not in Eden

Chapter 4: A Couple or a Population?

Chapter 5: The Sin as Related in Genesis

Chapter 6: After the Sin

Chapter 7: Immunity from Bodily Death

Chapter 8: Trent on Concupiscence

Chapter 9: Naked without Shame

Chapter 10: Biology of "Concupiscence"

Chapter 11: How the Sin is Transmitted

Chapter 12: Irenaeus on Original Sin

Chapter 13: Pioneer Theology of Irenaeus

Chapter 14: Pre-Augustine Fathers

Chapter 15: The genius of Saint Augustine

Chapter 16: Christ, Pantokrator

References and Bibliography

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