Summit Of Grace: Moral Injury Of Abortion

Martha Shuping, MD

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to announce I am participating as a speaker in Choose Grace International’s Summit of Grace: Moral Injury of Abortion. This is a FREE 3 Day Live Online Event with 50+ speakers on September 25-27 (live virtual conference). But even if you are receiving this at late notice, there is a way to purchase permanent access to all the recordings from this conference at the link below.

The Summit of Grace will be a three-day event filled with holistic education, recovery, and connection. I think this will be an important conference for those involved in abortion-related research, and also for counselors and facilitators of abortion recovery programs, and for those who seek personal healing.

Speakers will include experts on abortion and mental health, and experts on the topic of “Moral Injury” in relation to abortion. Some speakers will be women and men who have been personally impacted by abortion who will share their stories. Also included will be researchers, mental health professionals, clergy and others. Speaker interviews will be interspersed with live roundtable discussions led by Choose Grace International Founder and President, Kay Lyn Carlson, LMSW.

Kay Lyn interviewed me on topics including Maternal Fetal Attachment (the bonding to the unborn child that many women experience during pregnancy, even when abortion occurs), also Abortion as a trigger of PTSD, and Women’s Mental Health after Abortion.

Some of the well-known speakers include Georgette Forney (Silent No More), Dr. Theresa Burke (founder of Rachel’s Vineyard), Kevin Burke, Sheila Harper (founder of SaveOne abortion recovery program), Dr. Priscilla Coleman, Cynthia Collins (trafficking expert, and former TV host of Faces of Abortion), Serena Dyksen, and others.

I would be honored to have you register and tune in to the Summit of Grace THIS WEEKEND. I’m including my link for you to purchase the All-Access Pass to get access to all 50 of the expert speakers and personal stories.

It’s important to know that the full weekend is entirely FREE of charge to view from Sept 25 – 27, but IF you choose, at this time you can register for the All-Access pass (for a fee) which gives you PERMANENT access to all of the 50+ speakers to view any time you wish at your convenience, plus you have a book of notes that will include references to help you find additional information. You can register free, and for a limited time afterward still later pay for the full pass, but if you are going to buy the All-Access pass it’s best to do it now as the price may increase. Please register using this link:

Thank you for your interest.

Martha Shuping, MD

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