Beatifying the Kinsey Institute

Judith Reisman
April 11, 2003
© 2010
Reproduced with Permission

The Kinsey Institute has launched a major pageant to beatify Alfred C. Kinsey, arguably the most influential "moral philosopher of the 20th century."

In 1998, Indiana University boldly republished Kinsey's fraudulent research, "Sexual Behavior in the Human Male" (1948) and "Female" (1953). This year, IU feverishly commenced a series of pornographic "art" shows and lectures to canonize Kinsey, who institutionalized child sexual atrocities with the patina of "science."

While draining roughly $600,000 a year from IU coffers, the Kinsey team received additional Rockefeller and Ford money in 1998 to repair Kinsey's badly tarnished image. The Kinsey Institute needed refurbishing badly. In 1999, Republican Rep. Dennis Kruse attached a reparations amendment to HB 1644 "Violent Crime Victims Compensation Fund" for "any person who as a child was a subject of sexual experimentation" for Kinsey's bogus child sexuality "study."

While Kruse's concerns about scientific child sex abuse drew yawns from Indiana's jaded legislature, the pressure to get at the truth about Kinsey has clearly been building over the last decade.

So, IU laid out its welcome mat and Hollywood rode in to the rescue! After immersing himself in Kinsey's pornography, actor Liam Neeson will play the zoology professor in a Francis Coppola film on the Kinsey Reports. Neeson will glamorize the same Kinsey Institute that has hidden Kinsey's science frauds and child-abuse protocol for over 50 years. Whether Neeson will perform bi-homosexual sadomasochistic and autoerotic acts for the camera (as did Kinsey) has not yet been announced.

In 1951, as head of the Natural Science Division of the Rockefeller Foundation, Warren Weaver asked why the Foundation had "installed and equipped a complete photographic laboratory, and a full-time photographer," adding "I almost said full-time pornographer."

Weaver did not know about the university's scream-proofed "interview" room in which he and his team conducted "interviews" or that Kinsey solicited pedophiles to commit atrocities on children, cinematically recorded.

Today, as in 1953, our managed media markets the 50-year fete of Kinsey's "Female" volume. Gloria Steinem appears in the limelight, center stage.

Steinem is thrilled by "the changing face of women's sexuality." Does she mean how many women now undergo facial surgery to look "young?" Or, does she mean the sexual gymnastics women and girls often perform to snag a second date? Perhaps she likes the pandemic rate of sexually transmitted diseases crippling and killing young women? Or is it the "changing face" of millions of single moms desperately trying to raise fatherless children?

Kinsey's "Male" book libeled our World War II grandfathers and fathers. His "Female" book libeled our grandmothers and mothers.

Truth? So few women would talk sex to Kinsey in the 1930s and 1940s that he relabeled anyone who lived over a year with a man "married."

This way, he could reclassify prostitutes as "wives" and claim between 25 percent and 40 percent of these "wives" commit adultery and that half of all women had sex before marriage. When killing unborn babies was a felony, the Kinsey team said 87 percent of single pregnant women and 25 percent of wives aborted. No one asked how the Kinsey folks knew  or where those illicit babies went, considering the low rate of "illegitimacy."

Ms. Steinem lauds Kinsey for using women in his research. She griped that "taboos still prevent Kinsey's findings from being absorbed into American culture."

But based on our pandemic rates of rape, STDs and child sexual abuse, Kinsey's "findings"  especially that children are unharmed by sex with adults  are fully "absorbed into American culture."

American culture "absorbed" Kinsey's sexual philosophy that the "convulsions" of 2-month old babies  their "fainting," "hysterical weeping, especially among the younger children"  were all super childhood orgasms. We still await the congressional investigation of the Kinsey Institute promised in 1995.

Until then, the ugly truth stays hidden from the American public.

Steinem said, "the Kinsey report is a little like the Bill of Rights. It only is powerful if we use it ? If it exists only on paper, then it has little importance. It depends on what is done with it now."

Kinsey's pedophile "Bill of Rights" is not just on paper!

In 1999, despite children being denied their rights - to play in lakes, woods, parks, forests, even playgrounds - the U.S. Department of Justice reported that non-family members abducted 58,200 children, with most sexually violated.

Kinsey's claims that children are sexual from birth and unharmed by sex with adults, has been mantra in American universities for over 50 years - 67 percent of sex abuse victims are "now" children.

John Bancroft, the current Kinsey Institute director argues that child abuse is not "improper." He argues Kinsey "can be criticized" for using child rapists "not because it was improper to do so, but because of the uncertain validity of such information."

Beatifying Kinsey? Congress needs a 50-year retrospective of the Kinsey Institute!