'Free love' '60s? Not quite

Judith Reisman
September 04, 2009
Reproduced with Permission

Read Jonathan Leaf's "The Politically Incorrect Guide to The Sixties" and Dr. Miriam Grossman's "You're Teaching My Child What?" Together they are two sides of the same coin. Leaf exposes the weedy myths of the '60s, and Grossman slams Al Kinsey's sex lies for creating modern "sex education."

My forthcoming WND book, (my third on Kinsey) details the link between Kinsey's lies about our ancestors and our current erototoxic environment.

Radicals who stayed in grad schools to evade soldiering eventually "took over the faculty," reports Leaf. In time, Ph.D. draft dodgers became university administrators. Naturally, such ideologues practiced "Conservative Cleansing" to bring students in line with their own pansexual dogma. "Recruit red" became the new pedagogy.

"A Case Study: 1981" - During a two-year assignment as a research professor at American University in Washington, D.C., I witnessed the Education dean's "Conservative Cleansing" program. New faculty hires would be restricted to "true liberals."

Psychiatrist and former university doctor Miriam Grossman reports on the "sex education" forced on American youth by decades of pansexual PC pedagogues. In the interest of full disclosure, Grossman drew significantly from my findings on Alfred Kinsey, et al.

I obviously agree with her: "Dr. Kinsey was to sex education what Henry Ford was to the automobile ... the master architect of a new model of human sexuality."

Grossman adds that Kinsey "spawned a revolution and transformed Western culture." In reviewing today's toxic sexual landscape, she says modern sex education "derives from the personal philosophy of a man enslaved to the urges of a warped mind."

Indeed, she provides the Kinseyan sexology training missing from Leaf's concise '60s overview. Kinsey is the cause of the "free sex" lies percolating down from college, to high school, to grammar school, and even to kindergarten.

Kinsey's lies of harmless free sex "in the 1940s and 1950s" were taught by Planned Parenthood and the Sex Information and Education Council of the U.S., "SIECUS in the 1960s" and thereafter.

My review of data from Drs. Phyllis and Eberhard Kronhausen fully sustain the Leaf/Grossman histories. The Dutch couple surveyed 200 male college males for "Sex Histories of American College Men" (1960). The Kronhausens were sexual freedom advocates and Kinsey devotees. In 1960, they ridiculed the virginity of the majority of American college men. They wrote:

"The average modern college man ... considers intercourse 'too precious' to have with anyone except the girl he expects to marry and may actually abstain from all intercourse for that reason. ..."

"Many of the students were as blushingly romantic about sex morals as any girl of their age would be. To these young men, sex without love seemed utterly unethical ... this group engages in relatively little premarital sexual intercourse. ..."

College men, even in the early '60s, felt "emancipated" that sex was precious, was reserved for marriage. Premarital and oral sex were frowned upon while anal sodomy was abhorrent - the latter seen as inharmonious, homosexual acts.

Kinsey claimed male college homosexuality was "about 20 percent." The Kronhausens were shocked and distressed that only "one-half of 1 percent (one in 200 college men)" were allegedly homosexual.

Publicity releases for Grossman say she "rips back the curtain on sex education today, exposing a sordid truth. Today's sex ed programs ... [are] based on liberal lies and politically correct propaganda that promote the illusion that children (yes, children) can be sexually free without risk."

Thank you Dr. Kinsey.

Pre-Kinsey traditional Judeo-Christian ideals of patriotism, home, family and child asexuality were the backbone of our economic, health and social successes. Leaf notes the '60s as dominated by conservative fashions and "Broadway musicals - not bell bottoms and Bob Dylan. ... [R]adical factions hijacked feminism, the civil rights movement and academia."

Student anti-Vietnam activists were a college minority. Family media, television, magazines and film typified the era.

Joe College would be slowly remolded to jettison love and marriage for "free" love. This naturally triggered a women's backlash that became a movement post-1964. Too soon it was hijacked by deluded divas.

It is rewarding to read Grossman fully validating my decades of research as she says, "Scratch the surface of SIECUS, Planned Parenthood and other groups, and you'll discover that they are essentially mouthpieces for [Kinsey's] views. In the upside-down world of sex education, the ideology of Alfred Kinsey has been enshrined."

Since her coverage is necessarily brief, Grossman misses the covert gutting of our sex laws by the Kinseyfied American Law Institute's 1955 Model Penal Code. Legal change permitted Kinseyfied sex-ed "womb to tomb" propaganda to spawn today's epidemic sexual diseases among young and old alike, some incurable and some fatal.

Grossman gives scholarly kudos to two doctors who had testified to sex education dangers despite the "attacks" and "backlash" against their critical findings. Being familiar with such attacks, I value Grossman's ethical, well-deserved recognition of others.

Remember, George Orwell warned that social control is based on erasing the public memory of its past! PC teaching erases our history and creates scientific and medical lies to suborn a Kinseyan pansexual "Brave New World."