Kinsey's Sex in the Pulpit

Judith Reisman
October 10, 2010
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Reproduced with Permission

Although I am unqualified to pontificate on theology, I am fully qualified to speak to the sexual issues that increasingly appear in theological writings, from pulpits, and even broadcasts on the YouTube worldwide.

Certainly sexual matters should be understood by clergy. Post the Kinsey sexual revolution ( Sexual Behavior in the Human Male , 1948) the world is awash in the promiscuity that always spawns a flood of sex crimes against women and children, kin and non-kin, crimes and betrayals that generate abortions, "illegitimacy," and scores of new venereal diseases-- including AIDS.

Naturally our pornographic explosion, begun by Playboy in 1953, now poison's us all; our government officials, doctors, professors, schoolteachers, men, women, children, and yes clergy.

Exposing Catholic priests as pederasts and pedophiles has delighted the licentious media, but arrests of child molesting media mavens, teachers, rabbis, and pastors do not similarly whet the media appetite.

Yet, religious believers, like all others are tainted by the sexual revolution. In November 2004 Dr. Ted Baehr, publisher of the Christian Movieguide wrote that sex addicts "like Kinsey," promote sex addiction for others.

Recently, the New York Times had an article admitting that Alfred Kinsey made a lot of mistakes in his research on human sexuality, but the article commended Kinsey for showing that all men masturbate and the majority of people are bisexual.

Other Kinseyites have insisted this is normal male conduct at four times a day. Christian author, Archibald Hart, in his book The Sexual Man claims "Almost all (96 percent) of the males under age twenty in my sample masturbate regularly…. 61 percent of all married men surveyed masturbate." Imagine saying, right in the middle of a meeting, "Excuse me, I have to go do what Kinsey tells me to do because he says everyone does it." [1]

No, says Dr. Baehr, neither I nor "people I know" engage in such lonely and feeble conduct. Dr. Hart, who appears often on Dr. James Dobson's radio program has not announced he is one of his alleged 61 percent of addicted husband masturbators. As Baehr sees it, a whole generation "bought the Kinsey lie," and some religious authors and pastors are passing on the bad news.

One early Kinseyan, "Christian" sexologist educator Paul Cameron, PhD., lectured and taught at the Fuller Theological Seminary 1976-1979. In 1978 Cameron's book Sexual Gradualism, told parents to "allot a room, privacy, access to a bathroom , a [TV], and snacks for their teenagers to practice [sexual] gradualism…without fear of adult interference."

EXPLICIT LANGUAGE IS ELIDED BUT SOME FOLLOWS: Dr. Cameron's "gradualism," said under age 13 kissing and hugging, etc., is allowed in the private room. By age 13 "Level 4: Breast fondling, manipulating, sucking" are permitted. By age 14 at "Level 5" add "Mutual hand exploration of genitals, mutual masturbation," etc.,[excised here]. At "Level 6" the children get "Total nudity" and at "Level 7: Oral sex..." is added to compliment the TV and snacks.

Dr. Cameron also taught Christian teachers and parent groups that both sodomy types are child friendly in the "private room." Such credible training would silently seep into "Christian" sexual theology by confused seminarians and other future clergy.[2]

Hundreds of similar Christian and secular "Abstinence" education programs have been found K-12. For example, by 1992 David Lynn, in Zondervan's More High School Talksheets tells has teachers tell children to "write what they think when viewing the words Sex, Horny, Lust, The "F" word," etc. Literacy is of course a vital skill.[3]

By 1998 Lenore Bauth's Concordia sex education book How to Talk Confidently to Your Child About Sex, for "Children are Sexual Beings, Too ," regurgitates Kinsey's Toxic Lie; that children are sexual from birth:

It may be surprising to realize that our children are sexual beings from birth. For instance, a parent changing a male infant's diaper may accidentally stimulate the child and be shocked to realize the child is having an erection. Similarly, researchers tell us that baby girls have vaginal lubrication regularly. In fact, a little girl being bounced on her parent's knee may feel pleasant sensations and begin to make natural pelvic thrust movements.[4] [Emphasis added]

Bauth's only theological "expert" for eroticizing baby girls and boys would be Kinsey and his pedophile followers. However, physiologically, all mucosal exit/entry organs (nose, ears, vagina, etc.) are lubricated to filter/enable passage out and in! The reflexive nervous and vascular reactions of the phallus responds to urinary build-up, friction, infections, and especially to fear and terror, all wholly unconnected to a child's non existent libido.

In 2000, Harcourt Religion Publishers came out with Growing in Love (GIL), a program for Catholic grade schools (K-8). The Catholic Wanderer reports:

Growing in Love …. is so utterly disgusting and depraved in its explicit description of perverted sex acts, including oral sex techniques for male and female heterosexuals and homosexuals, and so in-your-face with 'gay and lesbian agitprop,' that it just might spark enough public outrage to force the American hierarchy and the Vatican to bring this 50-year anti-life, anti-child, anti-family, and anti-God experiment to a merciful end.

The Wanderer notes that the sexual frauds taught by Kinsey in 1948 as "graduate-level course material for professional sex therapists, nurses, doctors, biologists, and sex educators" has inevitably percolated down to "little children, beginning in kindergarten in Growing in Love ." This includes teaching children the "bizarre and self-destructive abuses of the sexual faculties by deviants."[5]

Now that Kinsey's cult has spread worldwide via the mass media and "sex education," the result is hardly healthier, happier children and families. This brings us to Pastor Mark Driscoll's bizarre public sex jokes as well as another YouTube pastor who arrogantly charges his congregants to have spousal sex daily for a week (links here)

In The Christian WorldView Cathy Mickels co-author of Spiritual Junk Food : asks "if Mark Driscoll, pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle is qualified to lead" 6,000 parishioners. Making oral sex [a common form of early child sexual abuse] a test of marital love on the YouTube is what Cathy Mickels calls the "pornification of the pulpit." However, as is seen above, such pseudo intimate nostrums reflect the fraudulently trained Kinseyan therapists and counselors commonly followed by the worldwide religious community.

See YouTube videos of Mark Driscoll (viewer warning advised). Mark Driscoll: Is He Qualified To Lead?