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What Does the Bible Say about Abortion?

The statement that abortion is not explicitly mentioned in the Bible is technically correct. However, this allegation falls prey to the logical fallacy of assuming that because an act is not mentioned in Scripture, the Bible therefore approves of that act. After all, Scripture does not name other evils specifically, such as carjacking or phone hacking. Does this mean that Christians should not oppose these evil acts either?

Date posted: 2023-08-14

Does Abortion Save Lives?

Pro-abortion groups claim that legalized abortion is vital for women's health in the United States since, as they claim, thousands died of illegal abortions every year before the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision. Population controllers also allege that hundreds of thousands of women still die all over the world because their nations have pro-life laws. Does abortion really save lives?

Date posted: 2023-07-26

Is There Aborted Fetal Tissue in Cosmetics?

From time to time, we hear stories alleging that American abortion mills are selling aborted babies to major cosmetic companies so that they may be "rendered" for their collagen. Collagen is the main protein component of connective tissue.

Date posted: 2023-07-12

Visualizing Abortion Statistics: Who's Being Killed and Why?

No battle is richer in imagery than the struggle over abortion. We have seen everything from coat hangers to roses, ultrasound photos of preborn babies, faked photos of women killed by illegal abortions, panel trucks with giant bloody aborted-baby pictures on them, and NARAL's "Silent No More" debacle, where weeping women described in great detail the suffering of their (mostly imaginary) women relatives at the filthy hands of drunk illegal abortionists. The reality is clear, as are the statistics: According to the World Health Organization, "around 73 million induced abortions take place worldwide each year."

Date posted: 2023-06-17

Is Being Pro-Life Racist?

While it is true that non-Hispanic Black women have more abortions than any other racial or ethnic group, banning abortion is not racist in itself. In reality, if someone is truly pro-life and values all life from conception until natural death, the idea of a pro-life racist makes no sense. If pro-lifers are racist, why are there missions in Africa to help women in poverty have the means to raise their families?

Date posted: 2023-05-01

Does Abortion Really Incur Excommunication?

"Excommunication is a sanction that deprives a Catholic of all participation in the common blessings of the society of the Church.1 It is the most serious penalty the Church can inflict and is used only in the most severe cases. The excommunicated person remains a Catholic because his baptism cannot be nullified, but he is a kind of spiritual exile, removed from the benefits enjoyed by the members of the Church.

Date posted: 2022-10-19

Abortifacient Brief: The Intrauterine Device

The intrauterine device (IUD) is a foreign body inserted into the uterus. IUDs are made of a non‑reactive plastic such as polyethylene and may include active chemicals or elements such as progesterone or copper which slowly diffuse into the uterus over a period of several years.

Date posted: 2022-01-25

Are Aborted Fetuses Used in Cosmetics?

From time to time we hear stories alleging that American abortion mills are selling aborted babies to major cosmetic companies so that they may be "rendered" for their collagen, the main protein component of connective tissue.

Date posted: 2022-01-20

What is the Role of Conscience in Moral Decision-Making?

The Catholic Church teaches that the conscience is a natural facility of our reason that directs us to do good and avoid evil; that makes judgments about the good and evil of particular acts; and that bears witness after the fact to the good or evil that we have done, such as what we call "having a guilty conscience."

Date posted: 2021-11-02

In Vitro Fertilization: Unnatural Selection

The child is not an object to which one has a right, nor can he be considered as an object of ownership: rather, a child is a gift, "the supreme gift" and the most gratuitous gift of marriage and is a living testimony of the mutual giving of his parents. For this reason, the child has the right to be the fruit of the specific act of the conjugal love of his parents; and he also has the right to be respected as a person from the moment of his conception.

Date posted: 2021-09-19

Planned Parenthood Abortion Statistics

People frequently lie with numbers, usually because they want to conceal critical facts, the best example in this case being PP's famous "Only three or four percent of what we do is abortions." However, the plain truth about the organization can be found in its own Annual Reports.

Date posted: 2021-07-30

What Are the Environmental Impacts of Hormonal Birth Control?

The serious physical side effects inflicted upon women by the Pill, the patch, injectables, implants, and hormone-loaded IUDs are well documented. But the harmful impacts of birth control extend far beyond the boundaries of women's bodies.

Date posted: 2021-07-18

Isn't Abortion a Legal, Constitutional and Human Right?

Abortion is not a constitutional right according to a direct reading of the text of the Constitution, but it has been justified as a constitutional right under the Fourth Amendment's protection of privacy. In short, the constitutional right to abortion is found not in the Constitution itself, but in a loose reading of it as a "living document," as "progressives" like to call it.

Date posted: 2021-07-13

The Miracle of Fetal Development

There are two ways to define the time period that marks various milestones in fetal development: gestational and fertilization age. We should all be familiar with our own prenatal histories, not just because it is so fascinating, but because we might save an unborn child ourselves one day with this timeline of fetal development.

Date posted: 2021-05-20

Does Abortion Reduce Crime?

Research has shown that abortion and crime rate are related. One study claimed that legalizing abortion increased murder rates by up to 7%. This is because legalizing abortion is a contributing factor to the great increase in out-of-wedlock births and single parent families, which in turn contribute to increased crime rates.

Date posted: 2021-04-26

Surgical Abortion

Abortion comes with a long list of physical dangers, but often the emotional effects are the most devastating to the mother. Read on to learn about seven types of surgical abortion and to hear stories from real women who know the pain and heartbreak firsthand.

Date posted: 2021-04-25

Homosexuality and Hoax Hate Crimes

Homosexual activist groups often grossly inflate statistics, and there have been many examples of hoax hate crimes perpetrated in order to gain public sympathy and support, especially during political campaigns. Pro-family activists should question all statistical claims made by such activists, because their numbers are often false.

Date posted: 2021-03-23

Ordinary and Extraordinary Means of Treatment

When preparing our own advance medical directives, or when assisting others to do so, it is critically important for us to know precisely where ordinary means of treatment end and extraordinary means begin.

Date posted: 2021-02-20

What May We Do about Pain?

As we get older and begin to consider our own advance medical directives, we should also think about the question of pain and how we intend to deal with it.

Date posted: 2021-01-30

Is Nazi Euthanasia Resurfacing in the U.S.?

Many people believe that the sordid history of Nazi Germany's euthanasia program is irrelevant to the current situation in the United States. They usually claim that "it could never happen here!" However, a brief review of events in Europe during the first half of the 20th century should give us pause, because it could happen here - and, in fact, it is happening here.

Date posted: 2020-12-28

What Does the Catholic Church Teach about Homosexuality?

One point should be made perfectly clear: Despite many assertions to the contrary, the Catholic Church and other Christian denominations do not condemn homosexuals, but rather condemn their unnatural and unhealthy acts, which not only contravene the laws of nature but ignore God's Commandments. Homosexuals have no more cause to complain about Church teachings than do fornicators or adulterers.

Date posted: 2020-12-28

Planned Parenthood Abortion Statistics

The Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) has been in the news a lot lately because of its many leadership problems, a large number of employees exposing its "toxic and racist work environment," and its continuing struggle to keep a tight lid on its preborn baby parts harvesting business.

Date posted: 2020-11-27

Overcoming Infertility - The Catholic Way

It is nearly impossible for those with children to comprehend the depth of the suffering of those who would love to have their own kids but cannot because of infertility.

Date posted: 2020-11-27

What Is the Christian Consensus on Abortion?

Until about 1950, every major Protestant denomination vigorously opposed abortion, and church leaders condemned it in the strongest possible terms. Ministers were unfazed by pro-abortion criticism because their teachings were solidly based upon the theology of their original founders.

Date posted: 2020-11-27

Why Euthanasia is Wrong - From a Secular Viewpoint

It is one thing to speak of the sanctity of life and of human life being created in the image and likeness of God - but what does the anti?euthanasia activist say when he is confronted by a pro?euthanasia person who does not believe in God - or who believes in a permissive, feel?good "god" who allows him to do anything he wants?

Date posted: 2020-11-27

Why Are Homosexual Activists So Afraid of "Ex-Gays"?

Homophile propagandists jealously protect a very important secret - homosexuals can leave their lifestyle. If it can be proved that homosexuals can "convert" to heterosexuality, then the theory that "gays are born that way" is decisively exposed as junk science. And if the "born that way" allegation is debunked, the homosexuals lose their claim to being a protected minority under civil rights laws.

Date posted: 2020-11-27

Is There a Right to a Child?

God bestowed men and women with an innate desire to procreate and to nurture their children. This is one of the most fundamental instincts of all, shared by all of God's creatures. But sometimes God's plan for our lives differs from our own, and couples find that they cannot have their own natural children.

Date posted: 2020-11-06

Should the Pro-Life Movement Follow a "No Exceptions" or "Pragmatic" Strategy?

Pro-life groups generally emphasize one of two pro-life strategies: the "pragmatic" and the "no exceptions" approaches. "Pragmatic" pro-lifers work for protective laws while taking into consideration local political conditions. In a liberal state, the best one may be able to manage is to pass a parental notification law, work for stricter state regulation of abortion mills, end public abortion funding, or enact humane fetal disposal laws. This strategy recognizes that all abortions are bad, but it may be possible to save some babies.

Date posted: 2020-11-06

"But I'm Only One Person - What Can I Do?"

For decades, pro-life activists have been laboring in this most difficult vineyard, struggling to save not only lives but souls. President Ronald Reagan called us the conscience of this nation.

Date posted: 2020-11-06

Why Do So Many "Pro-Choice" Groups Support Forced Abortion?

As far back as the 1950s, dozens of leading eugenicists publicly recommended forced abortion, sterilization and contraception for non-white and poor populations. As the foundation of the modern "pro-choice" movement was laid in the 1960s, the mortar holding all of its ideas together was the belief that mandatory measures would be required in order to control the childbearing of lesser classes for the good of the human race and for the environment.

Date posted: 2020-11-05

The Homosexuals' American Psychological Association Coup

Homosexual activists often mention that the medical profession - specifically psychiatrists and psychologists - believe that homosexuality is a "normal human sexual response." In support of this assertion, they talk about how the American Psychological Association officially removed homosexuality from its list of "mental disorders" in 1973, and that the American Psychiatric Association also classifies homosexuality as normal.

Date posted: 2020-11-05

Does Abortion Reduce Maternal Deaths?

Pro‑abortion groups claim that legalized abortion is vital for women's health in the United States since, as they claim, thousands died of illegal abortions every year before the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision. Population controllers also allege that hundreds of thousands of women still die all over the world because their nations have pro-life laws.

Date posted: 2020-11-05

Is God the Biggest Abortionist of All?

Why be pro-life if God allows babies to die in the womb all the time? If the pro-abortion movement is justified in characterizing God as an abortionist, certainly its opponents have a serious problem to consider.

Date posted: 2020-11-05

What Does the Bible Say about Homosexuality?

A thick fog of confusion obscures the debate about homosexuality. This is by design; one of the fundamental strategies of the culture of death is to generate uncertainty and misunderstanding so that people will be intimidated into remaining silent. Nowhere does this principle apply more than to what Scripture says about homosexuality.

Date posted: 2020-10-17

Why Are Late Abortions Performed?

As experts have known for years, unborn children begin to feel pain as early as eight weeks after fertilization, and definitely no later than 14 weeks. Science proves that an unborn child, when being aborted in the second or third trimester, feels hideous pain as he or she is cut apart by the razor-sharp instruments of the abortionist.

Date posted: 2020-10-02

The Racism of Eugenics

We have seen that eugenicists in general focus entirely on a person's physical characteristics when gauging their perceived usefulness to society. This purely utilitarian thinking has culminated in the attempted extermination of entire classes of people - the handicapped, the elderly, other ethnicities, and Jews. The only difference between eugenics practice a century ago and in our current day is that now, those who are deemed non-productive or "unwanted" are killed individually instead of en masse - usually by the people who should be protecting and caring for them.

Date posted: 2020-10-02

National Security Study Memorandum 200: Blueprint for World Depopulation

Population controllers believe that a high population density leads to poverty. So they think that they can improve the standard of living of the people in less-developed countries by reducing their population growth rates. But NSSM-200 shows that the true motivation behind population control activities is the preservation of our high standard of living by maintaining access to the mineral resources of LDCs.

Date posted: 2020-10-02

How Special are "Gay Rights"? (Part I)

The culture of death thrives on confusion because it knows that confusion leads to uncertainty, and uncertainty leads to paralysis. Every one of the dozen or so leading homophile groups is actively involved in laying down a thick screen of deceptive and distracting language, thereby hoping to divert attention away from what they are actually trying to accomplish.

Date posted: 2020-10-02

Shouldn't We Allow "Freedom of Choice" on Abortion?

The originator of the "freedom of choice" slogan was reformed abortionist Bernard Nathanson, M.D., who helped develop the overall strategy for the abortion legalization movement in the late 1960s.

Date posted: 2020-10-02

Can a Pro-Lifer Be a Feminist?

The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines it as "organized activity on behalf of women's rights and interests." So our question becomes: do pro-lifers really have the best interests of women in mind?

Date posted: 2020-10-02

The Beauty of Statistics on Abortion

Pro‑abortionists tend to strongly resist using hard facts and statistics because they do not support the "pro‑choice" position. Instead, they ignore facts and statistics and lean on emotional appeals and feelings to make their points.

Date posted: 2020-08-31

What is Transgenderism?

Merriam-Webster's describes a "transgendered" person as a person who "identifies with or expresses a gender identity that differs from the one which corresponds to the person's sex at birth." It identifies a "transsexual" person as "a person who tries to look, dress, and act like a member of the opposite sex; especially: someone who medically changes himself or herself into a member of the opposite sex."

Date posted: 2020-08-31

Is the Effort to Stop Abortion Racist?

Notwithstanding pro-abortion claims to the contrary, a look at both history and statistics reveals that abortion itself has often been motivated by racism, and that those who support it sometimes betray racist intent in their own work.

Date posted: 2020-08-31

Bridging the Gap between Transgenderism and Transhumanism

We are being conditioned by force and by media propaganda to accept the idea that transgenderism is here to stay. One of the ways the "trans" rights movement does this is to attempt to show us that we are helpless to stop it by intruding into every facet of our lives and threatening to punish us severely if we do not submit.

Date posted: 2020-08-20

The Eugenics Philosophy

Despite all of the posturing and lofty theorizing of modern-day eugenicists, there stands one immutable, diamond‑hard rule: We must not dispose of innocent human life. It is sacred, it has great dignity, and it is beyond price. If we begin to kill those we perceive as useless, there will be no end to the slaughter.

Date posted: 2020-08-20

Are the Remains of Aborted Babies Used in Cosmetics?

While we have no evidence of American-made cosmetics that use fetal tissue, the situation is very different in Europe. If you buy from Neocutis or companies that engage in similar practices, direct your money elsewhere. The horrible "fetal beauty" practice is an embarrassment to our society, and we must oppose it.

Date posted: 2020-08-20

The Environmentalist Roots of the Population Control Movement

Concern for our environment is the most altruistic of the several primary motivations which drive the activities of the population control movement. Unfortunately, the leaders of many population control groups think that the best way to preserve our natural surroundings is to decrease the number of people in the world by whatever means are available.

Date posted: 2020-07-29

Is Homosexuality Really as Healthy as Heterosexuality?

Despite the scientific evidence to the contrary, pro-homosexual groups tend to insist that living the homosexual "lifestyle" is just as healthy as heterosexuality. Anyone who has done research in this area of public health knows that homosexuality is not a healthy lifestyle, bringing tremendous deleterious physical and mental consequences. Unfortunately, the research showing these effects is condemned or ignored by homophiles.

Date posted: 2020-07-25

What Does the Bible Say about Abortion?

The statement that abortion is not explicitly mentioned in the Bible is technically correct. However, this allegation falls prey to the logical fallacy of assuming that because an act is not mentioned in Scripture, the Bible therefore approves of that act. After all, Scripture does not specifically condemn many other evils, such as pyramid schemes, terrorism, carjacking and kidnapping. Does this mean that Christians should not oppose these evil acts either?

Date posted: 2020-07-25

Church Teachings on Euthanasia

Once any human being becomes worthless or expendable, all are reduced from an absolute to a relative value and no two human beings would be of equal worth, thus demolishing the very foundation of moral order.... By devaluing life - the life of the unborn, the elderly, the comatose patient, the handicapped - we are, quite literally, digging our own graves.

Date posted: 2020-07-13

Profile: The Girls Scouts of America

"In addition to its many ties to Planned Parenthood, the Girl Scouts of America engages in pro-abortion activism itself in sometimes subtle and manipulative ways.

Date posted: 2020-07-13

Aren't Homosexuals "Born That Way"?

The most powerful weapon in the homosexual special rights arsenal is the victim status. A close second is the allegation that homosexuals are "born that way." If scientists can show that homosexuality is a genetic trait, then homosexuals may have a legitimate claim to being protected as a minority class under federal and state civil rights laws.

Date posted: 2020-07-13

Human Suffering Does Have a Purpose

Suffering is a part of everyone's life. We routinely suffer in all four aspects of our beings: Spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. This pain can be foreseen and anticipated or it can be a sudden surprise, and it takes a galaxy of forms, from accidentally burning ourselves on a stove to seeing a child reject the Faith, and from watching a parent slowly die to worrying over political elections.

Date posted: 2020-07-03

Is AIDS a "Gay" Disease?

Is AIDS a gay disease? Almost all of the major homosexual groups tell us that it isn't. They claim that it should not be associated with homosexuality in any way, shape or form because it allegedly leads to the "stigmatizing and scapegoating" of homosexuals.

Date posted: 2020-07-01

Church Teachings on Euthanasia

Once any human being becomes worthless or expendable, all are reduced from an absolute to a relative value and no two human beings would be of equal worth, thus demolishing the very foundation of moral order….By devaluing life - the life of the unborn, the elderly, the comatose patient, the handicapped - we are, quite literally, digging our own graves.

Date posted: 2020-06-13

Surrogate Motherhood

A surrogate mother is a woman who agrees to carry someone else's baby after becoming pregnant using some form of assisted reproduction, usually in-vitro fertilization (IVF) or artificial insemination. The surrogate's baby usually undergoes prenatal genetic diagnoses (PGDs) early in the pregnancy. If the baby is found to be healthy, she carries it to term, delivers in a hospital, and turns the baby over to the adoptive parents.

Date posted: 2020-06-13

Are There Remains of Aborted Babies Used in Vaccines?

There is some confusion today among prolife people (especially parents) regarding the morality of using vaccines that may have been produced using the tissue of aborted preborn babies. Of particular concern are vaccines that were developed in part using fetal tissue derived from aborted babies who died decades ago, and whose tissue is regenerated in laboratories under the names MRC-5 and WI-38.

Date posted: 2020-05-28

Why Not Abortion if it Sends Babies Straight to Heaven?

Most women understandably feel some degree of guilt about having an abortion. After all, abortion is a grossly unnatural act, and people who believe in God (as most aborting women do to varying degrees) have difficulty justifying the deliberate killing of a child that they know was willed into existence by Him.

Date posted: 2020-05-16

How Many People are Homosexuals?

One of the most persuasive arguments that homosexual activists use to support their agenda is the assertion that 10% of all people are "gay." If homosexuals can convince people that they make up a much larger portion of the population than they actually represent, they are much more likely to garner support for their agenda. Even many ostensibly objective media will parrot this number.

Date posted: 2020-05-09

Shouldn't Abortion be Allowed for Serious or Fatal Birth Defects?

While our world celebrates beauty and perfection, many of us are losing our ability to see the loveliness in the face of a disabled child who may not meet our standards of beauty. To kill someone because he or she is less than perfect is to reject the battered and marred face of Christ as well. Truly, He was most beautiful when He suffered for us, just as parents are most beautiful when they suffer and sacrifice for the sake of their disabled child.

Date posted: 2020-04-21

Abortifacient Brief: The Birth Control Pill

The principal method of abortifacient birth control is "the Pill," which first became widely used in the late 1960's and helped fuel the Sexual Revolution. Here are 5 things you should know about birth control pills.

Date posted: 2019-10-09

Why Do Pro-Lifers Stop Caring about Children after They're Born?

Is it true that the anti-abortion side is "pro-life until you're born?# One of the misperceptions deliberately spread by promoters of the Culture of Death is that pro-life and pro-family activists are hypocrites because their actions do not match their philosophy.

Date posted: 2019-09-21

The Strange World of Margaret Sanger's Birth Control Review: Part II

It is interesting now that as the extreme pro-abortion crowd has become politically empowered, they now demand that abortion be considered good, and no longer claim that they want it to be rare. Some have actually said that they want more, not fewer, abortions, and the hundreds of women who have been killed by negligent and incompetent abortionists show that the self-described feminists certainly do not care about the safety and health of women.

Date posted: 2019-09-14

The Strange World of Margaret Sanger's Birth Control Review: Part I

Most pro-lifers have a vague feeling that Margaret Sanger, the founder of the American Birth Control League (later Planned Parenthood), is somehow "bad," but they really have no idea. The malignant influence of Sanger and similar thinkers not only has ruined the West to the point that it is dying, but seems Hell-bent on corrupting the rest of the world as well.

Date posted: 2019-09-14

Shouldn't We Allow Abortions to Help Victims of Rape?

From an ethical and logical standpoint, a baby conceived through violence is as blameless and innocent as one conceived in marriage, and is therefore deserving of the same protection. Either all preborn babies are worth saving, or none of them are.

Date posted: 2019-08-31

Isn't Abortion Protected by the Constitution?

Abortion is not a constitutional right according to the strict text of the Constitution, but it has been justified as a constitutional right under the Fourth Amendment's protection of privacy. In short, the constitutional right to abortion is found not in the Constitution itself, but in a loose reading of it.

Date posted: 2019-07-21

Does Legalizing Abortion Stop Filthy, Back-Alley Abortions?

Pro-abortion activists had a problem before Roe v. Wade. They could not make the abortion procedure itself palatable to the public, and statistics did not back up their various arguments for legalization. So they resorted to a variety of emotional appeals to make their case.

Date posted: 2019-06-29

Shouldn't We Permit Abortion Only to Save the Life of the Mother?

Due to the principle of the "double effect," surgical procedures that save the mother's life while causing the undesired and unintended death of the preborn child are permissible, so an abortion exception to save the life of the mother is actually unnecessary. Pro-lifers must vigorously oppose the "mother's life" abortion exception because of the inherent dishonesty of abortionists who expand it to mean abortion on demand. Additionally, if surgical procedures intended to save the life of the mother are labeled "abortions" in those many countries that still have pro-life laws, people will get used to the idea of killing preborn children much more easily, paving the way for a rapid expansion of exceptions and eventual abortion on demand.

Date posted: 2019-05-20

Planned Parenthood's 100th: Cause for Celebration or Sorrow?

The fact that Planned Parenthood is turning 100 is an indictment against our nation, not cause for celebration. Though babies, minorities, and women have been targeted most directly by its unrelenting assault on life, we have all been harmed by its being allowed to grow its grisly business funded by our tax dollars and allowed by our indifference.

Date posted: 2016-10-26

Should Catholic Hospitals Use the Morning-After Pill for Rape Victims?

Even with all of the different contraceptives and abortifacients on the market today, women forget to use their birth control, think their birth control method might have failed, or were coerced into sex. Many of these women resort to "emergency contraception," a term that covers several drugs or devices that are used after intercourse (instead of before) to avoid pregnancy. EC can take several forms. The most common are the morning-after pill (MAP); doubling up on birth control pills; and insertion of the Copper-T, or ParaGard intrauterine device. The abortion drug mifepristone (RU-486) can also be used as emergency contraception.

Date posted: 2015-02-17

The Scientific Case against Homosexual "Marriage"

The debate over homosexual "marriage" is radically different from the discussions surrounding abortion, pornography and euthanasia. To begin with, the arguments regarding same-sex "marriage" appear at first to be very ill-defined. This means that most people do not know how to research the issue and quietly go along with the pro-gay slogans repeated endlessly by the media.

Date posted: 2014-12-17

How Special are "Gay Rights"?

When pro-family people claim that homophile groups are pushing a "special rights" agenda, they are roundly condemned and ridiculed by homosexual leaders, the media, and the glitterati. "Gay rights" organizations assert that they are not asking for special rights, but only for the same rights that everyone else enjoys. This language is carefully designed to be soothing and nonthreatening, distracting attention from the real special rights agenda as it rolls ahead almost unimpeded. Homosexuals frequently employ these tools, endlessly ridiculing the idea that there is a "gay agenda" at all. This, of course, allows those who are pushing the agenda to avoid discussion and simply mock those who allege its existence.

Date posted: 2014-12-12

Homosexuality and the Church Crisis

This paper demonstrates that there is indeed a very strong link between male homosexuality and child sexual abuse. It also shows that there is a similar or higher rate of child sexual abuse among other very large groups of adult males (e.g., Protestant clergy, who are usually married), thus proving that celibacy is not the root of the problem - homosexuality is.

Date posted: 2014-11-20

Can We Support Stem Cell Research?

Much of the confusion over stem cell research involves misunderstanding of terms, so let's begin with some definitions.

Date posted: 2013-05-19

Opening the Gates wide to population control abuse

In July 1912, Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, Marie Stopes and other leaders in the early race-cleansing eugenics movement held their first international conference in London. Among the leading topics of discussion were how to stop poor and "unfit" African women from breeding. Exactly 100 years later, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the British Government sponsored the Summit on Family Planning in the same city. This is most likely a coincidence, but the irony is stunning. The objective of the Summit on Family Planning was to raise enough money to "provide 120 million women in the world's poorest countries with access to contraceptives by 2020," with a heavy emphasis on Africa. Atop the list of the Gates Foundation's partners were - you guessed it - International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) and Marie Stopes International, the two largest abortion providers in the world, back to finish the work their founders had started a century before.

Date posted: 2012-10-20

Population Control Activists Target Eastern African Nations

The sights in Africa are beautiful and exotic. Think Tanzania, with its snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro; plains and waters populated by zebras, wildebeest and hippos; and with the Milky Way splashed over unimaginably dark skies at night. But the best part of Africa has always been her people. Unfortunately, the population control cartel is immune to such logic.

Date posted: 2012-09-24

The Homophile Agenda and the Attack on Free Speech

Anyone who is concerned about the influence of the homosexual agenda on reshaping traditional values must become intimately familiar with the major tactics that homophiles commonly employ in order to anticipate them and respond in charity and truth. Homophile strategists are very adept at manipulating public opinion with an arsenal of six tactics that are based upon deceptions and half-truths...

Date posted: 2012-08-30

The Asian Tiger - Japan - is in danger of extinction

Do you know any Japanese people? If you do, you had better look fast, because they're an endangered species. According to the United Nations, every hour of the day and night there are thirty less Japanese in the world. By the end of this year, there will be 200,000 less, and by the year 2050, Japan will have lost nearly a quarter of its population. The problem is simple: Japanese women have virtually stopped having babies.

Date posted: 2012-05-25

Singapore Sling: How slowing population growth may hurt one of the world's great cities

The real problem is immediately evident to any child-oriented person who visits Singapore: There are very few children visible anywhere, even on the weekends. For a developed nation to replace its population, every woman must have 2.1 children. Singaporean women have not achieved this replacement total fertility rate (TFR) since 1976. They have only 1.1 children on the average, making theirs the third-lowest TFR in the world. If this trend continues, the TFR will be a disastrously low 0.70 within a couple of decades.

Date posted: 2012-05-08

The Teaching of the Catholic Church on Sexual Sterilization.

Sexual sterilization is sometimes referred to as "Catholic birth control" or "permanent contraception." These terms, and the misguided assertions of a number of well-known dissenters, have led to confusion regarding the Catholic Church's teaching on sterilization. For the simple reason that it closes off the marital act to the transmission of human life, sterilization is condemned on the same grounds as other methods of contraception.

Date posted: 2012-04-21

Exposing the Global Population Control Agenda

Although the United States government has issued hundreds of policy papers dealing with various aspects of American national security since 1974, NSSM-200 continues to be the foundational document on population control issued by the United States government. It therefore continues to represent official United States policy on population control. The primary purpose of U.S.-funded population control efforts is to maintain access to the mineral resources of less-developed countries.

Date posted: 2011-11-22

Ugandan Model Shows Contraceptives Not the Answer to HIV/AIDS Epidemic

The fatal danger of relentlessly pushing contraceptives on Uganda and other African countries was laid bare recently in an alarming new report showing that the most popular contraceptive in Eastern and Southern Africa may actually double the risk of contracting HIV. After experiencing success in combating HIV/AIDS in Uganda through an anti-contraception initiative, it's not surprising to hear that contraceptives are part of, and not a solution to, the problem.

Date posted: 2011-10-17

The "Contraceptive Mentality" and Its Consequences

A mentality or mindset is a set of beliefs and assumptions which directs and informs the moral aspects of a person's life. Especially in our age of mass communications, mentalities of entire populations can be manufactured, propagandized and then lived out by large numbers of people - even without their being aware of it.

Date posted: 2011-05-19

Homosexuality and the Church Crisis

This paper demonstrates that there is indeed a very strong link between male homosexuality and child sexual abuse. It also shows that there is a similar rate of child sexual abuse among other very large groups of adult males (e.g., Protestant clergy, who are usually married), thus proving that celibacy is not the root of the problem - homosexuality is. ... There are many attacking on the Pope specifically and the Roman Catholic Church generally because of the sex abuse crisis. However, these individuals and organizations are not motivated by a desire to enlighten mankind or protect the innocent, since the crisis has already largely subsided, and stringent means have been enacted to prevent the abuse from reoccurring. Rather, the motivation appears to be more one of bigotry and a desire to muzzle and sideline the Church's moral opposition to the "gay rights" movement.

Date posted: 2010-04-28

Commentary: Let's Get our Facts Straight about Tiller and Anti-Abortion Violence

Pro-lifers should indeed condemn the murder of George Tiller. But we should not play permanent defense as the nonsense snowballs and the unfair attacks against the pro-life movement multiply. Here are some facts that should be taken into consideration by all people of good will, especially those whose responsibility it is to report on this story.

Date posted: 2009-06-05

The Abortion Lobby's Deep Pockets

The author of this article downloaded and examined 15,524 IRS Forms 990 in order to determine just how much income is generated annually by nonprofit groups that support the Culture of Life and the Culture of Death. The last year that these Forms 990 are generally available for this kind of research was 2006, so that is the base year we will use in this analysis. The most logical way to examine this question is to look at three different matchups: first, single-issue pro-life vs. single-issue pro-abortion and "family planning" groups; second, pro-family vs. anti-family groups; third and finally, the international population-control movement vs. those opposing it.

Date posted: 2008-11-16

Japan in the Death Spiral

For years, Catholic pro-lifers have been warning that abortion, sterilization and contraception cause the collapse of an individual's morality and the destruction of families. Now, demographers are indirectly telling us that these evils are destroying entire nations and continents. Unfortunately, governments do not even acknowledge the root cause of the problem of the "demographic death spiral." An impending white paper by the Japanese government tells us that the "foundations of communities" - police, fire and other basic services - will be threatened by the country's declining birthrate and aging population.

Date posted: 2007-11-17

Eastern Europe's Biological Chamber of Horrors

For decades, pro-life philosophers have been warning the world about the so-called moral "slippery slope." The concept is simple and has been proven countless times by history and human nature: Once you have accepted a little bit of a particular evil, it is impossible to resist condoning more and more of it. The first step is always the hardest, but once you have taken that first step, once you have become comfortable with a small dose of evil, once you have cracked that fatal door open just a tiny little bit, the question inevitably arises: "Why not just take one more step?"

Date posted: 2007-06-09

Who's Violent?

Many Americans believe that the average "reproductive care center" is under constant siege by "anti-abortion fanatics" who might pull the trigger at any moment. This is an utterly false impression, and it has drastic real world consequences for the future of unborn human life. The abortion struggle in the United States has already lasted more than three decades, and one of the greatest obstacles pro-lifers still face is that public perception of the issue has been, in large measure, shaped by such distortions.

Date posted: 2007-05-17

Condoms, STD and International Case Studies Showing Condom Ineffectiveness Against HIV/AIDS

This document is a compendium and summary of the latest scientific information about the most widely-used contraceptive device in the world today -- the male condom. This summary draws from many sources, but focuses primarily on medical journals. It is intended to be a resource for those who need straightforward, simple and concise facts about condoms. Further pro-life sources of information on condoms, readily available on the Internet, are listed at the end of this document.

Date posted: 2006-06-16

The Bitter Fruits of Abortion

Back in the late 1960s in the United States, pro-abortion groups promised us that the rewards would be great if we legalized abortion. A group called NARAL promised us that "Legal abortion will decrease the number of unwanted children, child abuse cases, and possibly subsequent delinquency, drug addiction, and a host of social ills believed to be associated with neglectful parenthood." This is how the Devil works: He promises us everything, then betrays us. No wonder he is called "liar and the father of lies."

Date posted: 2006-02-22

The Kissinger Report 2004

The citizens of the developed nations of the West treasure their right to privacy. It is hypocritical for these countries to routinely violate the right to privacy of the citizens of LDCs by telling families how many children they should or should not have. No nation has the right to invade the bedrooms of the citizens of another nation. NSSM-200 represents the epitome of interference in a family's most intimate decisions.

Date posted: 2006-01-29