Obama and Notre Dame

C. Ward Kischer
May 20, 2009
Reproduced with Permission

The shame of Notre Dame will not be easily forgotten. I watched President Obama's address on Sunday and listened closely to his remarks on abortion. He said: "This heart rending decision is not made casually."

Negative! I have been to a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic, and I have been to a Crisis Pregnancy Center. I have seen those who come for D & Cs, and for tests. Indeed, most know what they want and they want it now. Recreational sexual intercourse leads to recreational abortion.

Obama said both sides "need to find common ground." Does that mean those who are pro-life need to declare that, well, maybe, life begins somewhere other than at conception? I believe that in Obama's mind, that is exactly what he means.

Several years ago I was asked to give seminars at a private middle school and high school in Tucson, as a pro life spokesman, because this was to be a day for Planned Parenthood seminars to both schools. A member of the School Board called me and said he wanted to insure "some balance". I recall at one of the seminars, attended by both students and parents, one of the parents, a father, insisted that 'when life begins' had to come from The Supreme Court. It did not matter to him what science says.

On that day, I sat in an auditorium listening to a very pretty, well spoken and articulate 17 year old girl, who said she had survived an attempted abortion by her mother. The procedure left her with cerebral palsy. It affected her walk, but not her speech. When Obama was a State Senator in Illinois, twice he voted against protecting those like this surviving 17 year old girl. It would have been OK with him to terminate her even though she survived.

Obama complained that the pro-life advocacy should not "demonize" those who are pro-choice. Does that mean that killing an innocent human life is not evil? It is not "demonic"? In his mind, yes, that is what he means.

Further, Obama has publicly stated his support for the "Freedom of Choice Act". If passed by Congress, it will mean that no State can enact any kind of restriction on requested abortions.

Neither Obama nor liberal Democrats, when talking about "choice", never talk about the "choice" made to have elective, recreational sexual intercourse, which leads to pregnancy, which leads to the "choice" for abortion. Liberal Democrats are masters at parsing the language. It will be interesting to see how they parse the original "choice".