The diseased culture of death

Kurt Kondrich
March 13, 2011
© Kurt Kondrich
Reproduced with Permission

A Cyprus researcher at the Institute of Neurology and Genetics in Nicosia described a less risky non-invasive procedure based on maternal DNA to diagnose Down syndrome as "one of the most important milestones in the history of the institute." The researcher said the cheaper and quicker method of blood sampling rather than collecting fluid from the womb will encourage more couples to take the test and therefore slowly "eradicate the disease." He added "There is no cure, so this is a test for couples who want to know and prevent it; they are the ones who must decide on the fate of the pregnancy." "The test can be easily introduced into every genetic diagnostic lab in the world," he said.

I am the father of a beautiful 7 year old daughter Chloe who has Down syndrome, and at her last checkup the doctor said Chloe was a very healthy and bright little girl. We were not advised that Chloe had any diseases, and the extra copy of chromosome 21 she carries has proven to be a priceless Blessing to our family, community and countless others. In her 7 years of life Chloe has planted more positive seeds than anyone I have met, and when my beautiful wife was pregnant with this precious child we never received a prenatal "disease" diagnosis. Chloe recently read to the Governor of our state, and she has met many policymakers and VIPs to show the ABILITIES of a child with a diagnosed disability. We were never asked prior to Chloe's many seed planting meetings if she had any "diseases" or if her Down syndrome was a contagious illness.

Currently over 90% of children diagnosed prenatally with Down syndrome are indentified, targeted and terminated, and this is eugenics. With the "cheaper and quicker" non-invasive test rapidly being developed and deployed this rate will certainly increase to almost 100% especially when a broken culture views Down syndrome as prenatal preventable "disease." Will there be celebrations when society eradicates the "disease" of Down syndrome, and people across the globe need to be asking what "disease" will be targeted and eliminated next prenatally? What non-invasive test will be developed to identify autism, depression, IQ, hair/eye color, physical characteristics, etc. and how will these tests be deployed to genetic diagnostic labs across the world?

The only disease that needs to be "eradicated" is the culture of death we live in with its twisted mandates for perfection. If Down syndrome is a disease then the world needs to catch the symptoms and spread them quickly - unconditional love, purity, innocence, honesty, and an incorruptible spirit of Light! I pray our lost culture wakes up very soon and stops this silent eugenic movement before persons with Down syndrome are added to the extinction list. This would be an incomprehensible global tragedy, and please raise your voices and start asking the question "Who is next?"