Is it all right to kiss?
Q/A on Human Sexuality for Teenagers

John Ooi Peng Lee
Master of Engineering, University of Singapore
Master in Education, University of Manchester
Reproduced with permission.

Relationship, Love and Sexuality

Question 10:

How far can we go? Is it all right to kiss?

Answer 10:

Sex doesn't make love, that is, having sex will not necessarily improve your relationship. We are all sexual beings. However, we are more than just being physically male or female.

Physical intimacy is a prelude to sexual intercourse, and can give rise to powerful feelings that are difficult to control. Since an unmarried couple is not ready for the responsibilities and consequences of a sexual relationship' they should restrict themselves to a more "quiet" relationship. It is better to be careful and prudent than to risk spoiling a good friendship.

You should avoid unnecessary body contact because they increase your tendency to express your affection physically as you become more familiar with each other's body. Needless to say, you should avoid body contact that leads to sexual arousal, such as kissing. As a general rule, you should not go beyond holding hands.

(See also Question nine.)