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John Ooi Peng Lee is married and has three children. A senior lecturer at the Singapore Polytechnic, he graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 1981 with a first class honours degree in civil engineering. He has a Master of Engineering degree from the NUS, and a Master in Education degree from the University of Manchester. He is a presenter of the Celebration of Life programme of the Family Life Society, and coordinates the programme's educational outreach.

John Ooi Peng Lee is the author of the Book: Learning to Love, Q/A on Human Sexuality for Teenagers. His book may be ordered at the following address:
83 Hillview Ave #09-01, Meralode, Singapore 669583


25. Single life might seem appealing!

My parents can't wait to marry me off. Sometimes the questions my relatives ask make me feel very uncomfortable. Is there anything wrong with staying single?

Date posted: 2002-03-31

24. I might get bored!

How do you keep a marriage going without husband and wife getting bored with each other?

Date posted: 2002-03-29

23. There marriage broke down after only two years.

I knew a couple in school who seemed very compatible. They spent a lot of time together and we all thought they were so suited to each other. Yet their marriage broke down after two years.

Date posted: 2002-03-28

22. I like three and can't decide.

I would like to develop a relationship with someone, and get married in a few years' time. My problem is that there are three girls I like a lot, and I can't decide!

Date posted: 2002-03-27

21. True marriage is total.

Why do people marry?

Date posted: 2002-03-26

20. She doesn't want to see me anymore.

A month ago she told me that our year-long relationship was over, and that she was definite about not seeing me any more. Life seems so meaningless now without her. I've been trying to contact her, but she refuses to answer my calls.

Date posted: 2002-01-20

19. I like my friend's girlfriend.

I am interested in the girlfriend of my best friend. They have been together for two months now. What should I do? We are all in the same school.

Date posted: 2002-01-19

18. Is single dating okay?

I am sixteen. Do you think single dating is to be encouraged at my age? If not, at what age would be all right to single date and to go steady?

Date posted: 2002-01-18

17. Ten Years Older Than I

There is a boy who is ten years older than I am who is interested in me. Do you think it is possible for us to have a close relationship?

Date posted: 2002-01-17

16. I would like to be friends with her.

I have met this girl many times in the bus on the way to school. I would like to befriend her but I haven't dared to speak to her. How can I approach her?

Date posted: 2002-01-16

15. Girlfriends and my studies

My parents have said that they do not want me to have any girifriends until I have finished my studies. Does it mean that I should not go out on dates?

Date posted: 2002-01-15

14. Not ready to have steady boyfriend

I have a steady boyfriend, but now I realise that I am not ready for such a relationship. I think that it would be better for both of us just to be friends. But how can I explain this to him, after we have been together for 2 years?

Date posted: 2002-01-14

13. I just want to be good friends

How do I tell her that I just want to be good friends with her, but not to have a steady relationship? The other day she hinted that she would like to go steady with me. We are both sixteen.

Date posted: 2002-01-13

12. Mistake of becoming too exclusive

I'm sixteen and Henry is seventeen. We've known each other for half a year, and have been going out together for the past few months. I would like to keep in touch with my girl friends, but I seldom see them any more because Henry wants me to go out with him every weekend. I've also stopped mixing with other boys because he doesn't like it.

Date posted: 2002-01-12

11. Is holding hands old-fashioned?

Aren't you being very old fashioned and conservative when you say that we should not go beyond holding hands? After all, kissing is no big deal to teenagers these days!

Date posted: 2002-01-11

10. Is it all right to kiss?

How far can we go? Is it all right to kiss?

Date posted: 2002-01-10

09. Sex and Love are not the same

I can feel our love for each other growing deeper each day. Will having sex help our love grow even stronger?

Date posted: 2002-01-09

08. It isn't fair!

Does true freedom really mean doing what is right? I have friends who say that different people are entitled to their own opinions of correct behaviour, and that there is no right or wrong in any situation.

Date posted: 2002-01-08

07. Freedom is Misunderstood

My parents don't give me much freedom. They tell me that I am almost adult, yet they treat me like a child.

Date posted: 2002-01-07

06. I wish I was like my friend

I wish I was like my friend. She's pretty, she can sing well, she's a good swimmer, and everyone likes her. I'm not good at anything and nobody finds me interesting. I have no one I could really call a friend.

Date posted: 2002-01-06

05. Building Self-Respect

I've read a lot of self improvement books. They all seem to emphasise the importance of self~respect and having a good self~image. Is it really that important?

Date posted: 2002-01-05

04. Am I abnormal?

My friends talk about girls all the time, but I am not really interested in them. I find science more interesting and I like to read a lot. Am I abnormal or psychologically unbalanced?

Date posted: 2002-01-04

03. I don't know what to say

I like this girl in my school, but I feel too shy to approach her. My face turns red whenever she looks at me, and I just don't know what to say to her.

Date posted: 2002-01-03

02. Relationships need maturity

I met him eight months ago at a school party, and our relationship has grown tremendously since. We're thinking of getting married soon after we finish our exams at the end of this year.

Date posted: 2002-01-02

01. There's nothing wrong with you

We are both sixteen, and have been classmates for more than three years. Recently, I have been thinking about her a lot. I've never felt like this before. What's wrong with me?

Date posted: 2002-01-01