The Legend of Tinsel

Dot McGinnis
Reproduced with Permission

The legend of tinsel tells a tale uniquely spun;
Long ago, in Bethlehem, of mother and Son.

Mary and Jesus left the city to hide
From Herod and his soldiers, and they entered inside ...

A cave. A night's rest was all they desired,
For the length of their journey had made them quite tired.

Throughout the night, while the two were asleep,
A tiny little spider, through the cave, did creep ...

Bound and determined; such a curious thing!!!
What was it that the dawning of the day would bring ...

But cobwebs shimmering in the morning sun?
What had the busy little spider done?

By divine inspiration, it took control
And spun a beautiful web which covered up the hole ...

So the entrance to the cave was unnoticed by all.
They were, both, safely hidden when the soldiers came to call.

It was covered with cobwebs; what a perfect place to hide!!!
When the soldiers went past the cave, they never looked inside.

When morning came, spider webs were glistening everywhere!
Mary knew God had hidden them and kept them in His care.

Tinsel on a Christmas tree, such beauty to behold;
Symbolic of the spiders web, so the legends told.

"I will call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised:
so shall I be saved from mine enemies."
Psalm 18:3

© 2004 by Dot McGinnis