NEW Report on China Threat by Steven Mosher and Chuck DeVore

Steven Mosher
Population Research Institute
Special Alert
28 August 2012
Reproduced with Permission

PRI President Steven Mosher and Defense Expert Chuck DeVore have teamed up to write an exclusive Human Events report entitled Growing Chinese Power - to What End?

As the voracious Chinese economy grows, say Mosher and DeVore, so does China's military and its appetite for conquest. Even more dangerous than the old Soviet Union, the new China (Fascist rather than Communist) is building the strongest economy on the planet as the basis for a growing (albeit secret) military build-up and ever-wider territorial claims.

The report begins by outlining how China's historic grievances against Japan and the West form the basis for an aggressive military policy based on revenge. Then, says DeVore, who has served in the Defense Department and as a U.S. Army intelligence officer, and Mosher, "We detail China's gradual evolution from communism to state-capitalism, known, in another time, as fascism; we detail the intrigues for power within the insular Chinese Communist Party - a modern-day Game of Thrones with nuclear implications; we discuss the democratic pressures building within China for real political reform and the Communist Party's planned response of repression."

The report also documents how China has stolen $1 trillion of U.S. intellectual property over the past few years, and how they aim to steal more through a network of 90 Trojan horse institutes based on major American university campuses in 33 states.

Mosher and DeVore conclude with a sobering look at the People's Republic of China's grand strategy, which can be said with no exaggeration to be one of hegemony over the entire planet.

(To receive a free copy of the report, click here.)