The Morning After Pill (AKA Plan B) Available to Children

Steven Mosher
by Elizabeth Crnkovich
Population Research Institute
Weekly Briefing
5 April 2013
Reproduced with Permission

U.S. Federal District Judge, Edward Korman, ruled today that the Morning After Pill must be sold over the counter to all comers. This means any 13-year-old girl will be able to buy Plan B, and no one, including her parents, need ever know.

In his ruling, Korman ordered the FDA to remove the age restriction currently on the drug. If the FDA makes no appeal (and odds are the Obama administration won't appeal), the ruling will stand.

"Talk about your black-robed tyrants," said Steven Mosher, president of PRI, "This federal judge apparently thinks that he knows better than (1) parents, (2) the Food and Drug Administration, and (3) society at large whether it is good for 13-year-old girls to be able to buy abortifacient drugs like the Morning After Pill."

When Plan B fails to prevent ovulation, it works by preventing implantation. This means that it causes early-term abortions. By allowing young girls access to this drug, they will be able to contracept and abort themselves without their parents ever knowing. Mosher says: "This is an outrageous ruling by a judge on a matter on which he has zero competence. Impeachment, anyone?"