PRI Launches Campaign to Help Women in China
A Mother's Ordeal hailed as "brutally truthful."

Steven Mosher
by Anne Roback Morse
(c) 2013 Population Research Institute
Weekly Briefing
13 March 2014
Reproduced with Permission

Population Research Institute has launched a new "activism page" in conjunction with the publication of the second edition of Steven Mosher's book, A Mother's Ordeal. A modern classic, the book is a biography of a young one-child-policy enforcer in China. It provides a raw and unflinching glimpse into life - and death - at the hands of a Chinese government bent on curbing births in the most populous country on earth. "Brutally truthful," said Elise Hilton in a new review.

Anne Morse, PRI's media coordinator, created the new page. She explains: "When I first read A Mother's Ordeal, I frequently had to pause and take a deep breath. The atrocities told within its pages made my stomach churn. It made me want to do something, and I knew that other readers would be motivated to take action too. That's why we created the activism page."

The activism page includes three sections - each carefully chosen to help people become effective activists for human rights in China. The page includes petitions, volunteer pages, speakers, and social media pages from all across the web. It also lists several organizations that fight coercive population control, and tells how to help these organizations. Finally, the page offers a series of quick facts about the one-child policy and its effects, and includes educational resources to help people become articulate defenders of human life in China.

As Elise Hilton of the Acton Institute wrote in her review of the book, A Mother's Ordeal tells a reality that is "callous and brutal," but goes on to say that, "as difficult as this book is to read, it is important to do so."

PRI hopes people will not only read A Mother's Ordeal, but also visit the corresponding activism page. Help put an end to the horrors recounted in the book.

You can visit the activism page at