Proclamation of the Conference on Love, Life and Family Held in Vanimo, Papua New Guinea

Steven Mosher
PRI Weekly Briefing
18 February 2005
Vol. 7 / No. 7
Reproduced with Permission

Population Research Institute President Steve Mosher recently returned from a two-week trip to Australia and Papua New Guinea (PNG). He gave talks and met with Catholic and political leaders, including pro-life members of Australia’s parliament. We will be writing a great deal more about the positive developments in Australia soon.

However, one of the less positive developments in that part of the world is an attempt by some in Australia and elsewhere to impose population control on neighboring PNG and her native people. Steve attended the January conference on Love, Life and Family co-sponsored by the diocese of Vanimo and its bishop, Cesare Bonivento; Family Life International; and PRI. We would like to let you know of the stand some people are taking in this small country down under. Here is the proclamation issued by the conference participants, a declaration of resistance to abortion and population control: