Center For Disease Control Admits: NFP Works!

Steven Mosher
written by Chris Manion
June 11, 2019
Reproduced with Permission
Population Research Institute

Young women are being taught to use the Morning-After Pill, but are deliberately not being told how it works. At the same time, they are deliberately not being taught how to use Natural Family Planning, or NFP, which - even the CDC now admits - does work.

For years, the Population Research Institute has warned about the dangers of contraception. Our founder, Father Paul Marx, O.S.B, never tired of explaining that the morning-after pill is an abortifacient. By design, it ends the life of a newly conceived, newly created human being.

I still remember the chill I felt when he calmly explained that abortifacients had terminated the lives of hundreds of millions of newly created embryos. Real human beings. With real souls.

And most people don't know that even the "ordinary" birth control pill can cause early-term abortions.

The "pill" wreaks havoc everywhere it goes. It represents a spirit of rebellion as old as fallen man. Recall the Garden of Eden. As soon as our first parents eat the forbidden fruit, watch how quickly their original sin turns Adam against his wife:

"The man said, 'The woman whom You gave to be with me, she gave me from the tree, and I ate.'" [Genesis 3:12]

Isn't that classic? As soon as he's caught, Adam blames her.

And that's what contraception does. It turns husband against wife, wife against husband, both against God and nature." Don't be fruitful, don't multiply. Let the pill take dominion over you, your marriage, and your family."

Suddenly the man fears his wife: "She might get pregnant." The woman is afraid too - "He might get me pregnant." And the prospective child? Whose body is gloriously made? That child is the enemy. The mother's enemy. The father's enemy. There you have the sexual revolution boiled down to one tiny pill.

"The pill will make you free," apostles of progress told us, but they were wrong. In fact, the pill will make you sick. Along with the spiritual and emotional damage it causes, the chemical contraceptive can cause physical damage to a woman's body as well.

"You can sacrifice health using chemical methods," PRI explains in our YouTube video that has received over a million views. "Hormonal methods work via a combination of synthetic estrogens and progesterones to artificially perpetuate a woman's infertile days. Perpetually skewed hormonal levels often come with health risks. Some are temporary and fade after discontinuing the hormonal method; others do not. While hormonal contraceptives significantly reduce the likelihood of ovarian and endometrial cancer, they also greatly increase the risk of other forms of cancer, including breast cancer and cervical cancer."

CDC Catches Up With Reality

The Contraceptive Mentality devastates everyone it touches. But for years, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), a federal government agency, has advocated several "effective methods" - all of them artificial, invasive, and destructive - as superior to "Fertility-Awareness-Based Methods," to which they assigned a failure rate of 24%. This assessment "would discourage most couples from using them and would prevent doctors from recommending them," reports Gerard Migeon on the Natural Womanhood website. "Earlier this year," he adds, "they changed this posted rate to '2% to 23%' which is a major change for the industry."

It's as simple as that. Properly practiced, NFP works very effectively. This is big news indeed, and it should be trumpeted far and wide. But don't expect the pharmaceutical companies to do it for you. On the CDC's list of "Birth Control Methods," NFP is one of sixteen listed. All of the other fifteen - including those "emergency contraceptive pills" that are "flying off the shelves" - are commercial products. They provide billions of dollars annually to their manufacturers, whose sales representatives hawk their wares not only to millions of medical practitioners and institutions, but government agencies, educational institutions, pharmacies, and every other possible marketing avenue imaginable. In fact, "Plan B One-Step Contraceptive" is available on Amazon with free 2-day delivery.

Steve Mosher, President of PRI, puts the matter plainly: "Big Pharma, and its paid flacks and researchers, have been trying to keep the efficacy of NFP from becoming common knowledge. There's no money to be made off of self-control, of course, in sexual matters or in any other area. Ever since Aristotle, the West has recognized that a self-governing people need very little intrusive government. And they don't need contraceptives, either."

NFP can save families, save lives, and save souls. The CDC's endorsement is good news indeed. Spread the word.