Is "Documentary" German For "Propaganda"?

Steven Mosher
written by Carlos Beltramo
June 13, 2022
Reproduced with Permission
Population Research Institute

Deustche Welle (DW) is the official television service of Germany. Since it is paid with the taxes of all Germans, it would be logical that it should be impartial and respect all German voters. But this is not the case. On May 20, it published a note that goes against seriousness and plurality.(1) The note is accompanied by a video in several languages openly promoting the extension of the legalization of abortion in Europe.(2) Thus, the official German television joins the objective of President Macron to make abortion a "fundamental right" in Europe, as we reported in January.

It is striking that Deutsche Welle TV has increased its activity of "reporting on abortion" (i.e., promoting abortion in Europe) just after the appearance of Justice Alito's draft ruling that will be the end of Roe v. Wade . Some of DW's articles seem like a way to put pressure on the United States on this issue.(3) And they do it through lies and manipulations that need to be exposed.

It is very disturbing when so-called journalists call their propaganda pieces "documentaries", as rulers did in Germany almost 100 years ago when they invented propaganda. The result was terrible then, and it is terrible now. Europe has a high cultural level, but it is not free from this manipulation more typical of totalitarian regimes. The video begins by showing a dramatic and sad case, that of Valentina Milluzzo, from Catania (Italy), who was pregnant with twins. In 2016 she died from a problem related to her pregnancy.

This is a case that has been taken as a reference to attack the conscientious objection of all doctors and increase the number of abortions. The great trick of this type of campaigns is to take a dramatic case, of very difficult solution, to attack a human right such as conscientious objection and then apply the result to all other cases, even if they are not so dramatic and difficult. The possible negligence of some doctors in an extremely complicated case is used to eliminate conscientious objection in all cases and thus increase access to abortion.

Elisabetta Canitano is an Italian political leader who campaigns in favor of abortion. She appears in the video with a lot of drama. In one instance, she accuses us pro-life people of something terrible in her opinion. She says with horror that pro-lifers "consider embryos and fetuses to be persons, just like women". For her, defending this basic human right makes us pro-lifers evil people. It seems that Canitano has not read any modern embryology manual or seen any ultrasound. She ends up discriminating against some human beings and for others.

The documentary also states that in Italy 70% of doctors refuse to perform abortions for reasons of conscience. And it ends the sentence dramatically stating: "and the trend is increasing". We have no data that this is so. But the propaganda has only one goal: to make people feel that the abortion agenda is in danger and that abortion promoters are the victims. Their goal: to further increase the ease of abortion, even though in Europe it is tremendously easy to have an abortion right now.

It is about manipulating the minds of Europeans so that they do not realize how far the pro-abortion agenda has advanced. Perhaps they are afraid that the people of Europe might start to become more sympathetic to the pro-life cause. It is a perverse play of emotions that masks reality and leaves unborn children much more defenseless.

In that manipulation the video tries to present Catholics as fanatical and aggressive people. First, they interview elderly people praying the rosary in front of an abortion clinic with the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe and that of a newborn baby. But then they play the testimony of an alleged gynecologist attending a clinic who says she is usually harassed by religious fanatics. The doctor says that she has been afraid for her life and that she is sure that Catholics want her to "burn in hellfire." Of course, she cannot prove these threats. But she doesn't need to: her aim is really to discredit the pro-life cause and to make people sympathize with the "poor and defenseless" abortion clinics. According to DW, all this would be turning Europe into a terrible place where women's rights would be in retreat.

To prove it, they cite one of Europe's arch-enemies in vogue: Poland. It is shameful how the documentary treats the Polish people disparagingly as "extremely Catholic", especially because of their majority support for Poland's latest abortion law, which defends the unborn child a bit more. Evidently DW has the yardstick of democracy and if the Polish people overwhelmingly want to be pro-life it is because of the influence of "radical" Catholic groups, such as Ordo Iuris. In reality, Ordo Iuris is not a radical ultra-Catholic group, as DW describes it, but a pro-life group of lawyers who are very successful in defending life and traditional Polish values, something that for DW is practically a terrible offense.(4)

What the documentary hides is that in recent years, countries such as Spain, France, Ireland, among others, have increased the ease of access to abortion. In some of them it is now a crime to pray in front of an abortion clinic. It also hides the relationship between abortion and the demographic winter that the old continent is dramatically experiencing.

What is clear is that aggressive progressive ideology now dominates the DW. It is no longer only the rulers who want to impose abortion "on demand" on us. Now the state televisions, with the money of all taxpayers, mount campaigns to indoctrinate the European people and make them believe that the abortionists are the victims and the pro-lifers the executioners. Once again, the state media in Germany lend themselves to a terrible game of lies and misrepresentation: this time against unborn children. Today it is the "dictatorship of relativism", as the German Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger called it, shortly before being elected Pope Benedict XVI.

Today, as 100 years ago, it is necessary to remain faithful to the truth. We European pro-lifers know this and we will continue to be "the resistance".