Kinder, Gentler Genocide in Mongolia

Steven Mosher
By Joseph A. D'Agostino
PRI Weekly Briefing
28 July 2006
Vol. 8, No. 29
Reproduced with Permission

It is often useful to examine the front page of a major newspaper or home page of a website just to see what is being presented and how. Watching solely the front page of a major newspaper could, over time, tell you the most important biases and lies in which that newspaper engages. Similarly, watching the home page of major organization, one with a well-run website that tracks closely the propaganda desires of that organization's leadership, will reveal a tremendous amount about that organization.

One such revealing day came for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) on Thursday, July 27. Of course, UNFPA cloaks its anti-human neo-pagan religious dogmas in the language of long-discredited scientific research, yet their roots in fascist, Marxist, and feminist spiritualities are clear. Looking at most of the items on UNFPA's home page July 27, UNFPA's global efforts to reduce human populations were on exceptionally clear display.

The top item that day was UNFPA's efforts to spread the sexual/contraceptive revolution in Mongolia. One wonders why this tiny country of only 2.5 million, which UNFPA says is the most sparsely populated in Asia, would need help from international agencies to reduce her already thinly-spread population. Just as UNFPA continues its fanatical attempts to reduce childbearing worldwide despite suicidally dropping fertility, and rapid global aging predicted by the UN itself (see last week's weekly briefing, "World Population Aging 2006"), the agency wants to make sure every nook and cranny of the planet is tainted by its anti-family and anti-child jihad.

In fact, UNFPA's attack on Mongolia looks like genocide. Just as UNFPA eagerly assists Communist China's population control policy that imposes a limit of one or two children on Chinese families, UNFPA is helping to eliminate the Mongolian race and Mongolian culture from the face of the planet. Much of traditional Mongolian land has been annexed by China, which ruthlessly represses expressions of nationalism and, worse, uses Sinification to transplant ethnic Chinese into Mongolian areas and force Mongolians to adopt Chinese ways. Only the 2.5 million in poor, isolated independent Mongolia may have much of a chance of preserving the ancient Mongolian ethnic group and Mongolian culture for the future.

Yet that continued existence is threatened. Mongolia's birthrate, still a healthy five children per woman 20 years ago, has dropped dramatically to only about 2.3 today. The United Nations predicts it will be below replacement rate by 2015, less than a decade from now, and continue on down. So what is UNFPA doing to help ensure the survival of this small, unique people, the descendants of great conquerors of old such as Genghis and Kublai Khan? Exporting to them feminism, sexual liberation, and contraception, of course.

UNFPA is taking advantage of urbanization in Mongolia to indoctrinate Mongolian youth into the mysteries of the anti-procreation religion. A third of Mongolians live in or near the capital, Ulaanbataar. "Until recently, the outlying districts of the city have had little to offer young people, many of whom are new to urban life," says UNFPA. "But now a network of youth centres in and around Ulaanbataar provide teenagers with a safe space in which to get together, as well as opportunities to learn about, and protect, their reproductive health. The centres, which include clinical services and sexual health counseling, are part of a major collaborative effort supported by UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, to improve the well-being of young people."

UNFPA is following a plan developed after taking the lay of the Mongolian land years ago, even talking up Love, a new magazine for Mongolian youth. "The magazine, like the teen centres, was launched following a major survey conducted in 1999-2000," says UNFPA. "The survey found that nearly 78% of Mongolian adolescents felt that they lacked open communication with their parents. A third felt intimidated by classmates and said that their teachers were authoritarian. The survey also pointed out the need for out-of-school and after-school activities for young people, as well as for reproductive health information and services."

As Mongolia faces dramatic dislocations caused by globalization, a newly free market, and urbanization, UNFPA is not working to preserve Mongolian culture. Nor is it trying to support Mongolian parents in their efforts to educate their children. After all, imperialism can be benign instead of brutal. Instead, the imperialist UNFPA is making an end run around traditional sources of authority over youth - parents, teachers - to indoctrinate and contracept Mongolian kids.

"Young people are enjoying the freedom to hang out with friends and to talk about issues like sexuality, dating and relationships, that are taboo at home and rarely discussed in public," says UNFPA. In fact, UNFPA's article on its activities there is headlined, "Young People in Mongolia: Finding Places Where Secrets Are Safe." Needless to say, Mongolia's low and rapidly dropping birthrate is never mentioned.

Is it an exaggeration to consider genocidal UNFPA's efforts to circumvent families and other traditional Mongolian institutions and push youth into the hedonistic, anti-family culture of sex outside marriage and contraceptive use, when that tiny country's birthrate is so low and dropping? And when that country's traditional culture is already under such threat from globalization?

UNFPA's home page had plenty of other examples of its efforts at destruction around the world:

"UNFPA Asks Donors for $6.2 Million to Meet Emergency Health Needs of Civilians Displaced by Conflict in Lebanon": Such health needs include "family planning"-contraceptives and almost certainly the abortifacient morning-after pill (MAP), which is now considered de rigueur. Based on the previous track record of UNFPA, it probably includes surgical abortion as well, though not officially.

"Dying to Give Life: Maternal Mortality in Afghanistan": Amidst justified complaints about poverty, lack of health care, and marriage at too young an age forced on women in the rural areas of this Muslim country, UNFPA adds, "Lack of access to modern methods of family planning means many women are unable to choose when and how many children to have. . . . According to UNICEF, fully 97.6% of married women surveyed were not using any sort of contraceptive, while 78% had never even heard of family planning." Maybe that is why, despite decades of war - with Russia, then civil war, then with the United States, now with Taliban holdouts - Afghanis are in no danger of dying out thanks to their high birthrate. UNFPA wants to fix that.

"Addressing the Sex Imbalance Ratio in China": This one is particularly amusing in a dark, United Nations sort of way. After decades of assisting China in her population control efforts, UNFPA is now worried about the huge gender imbalance in the country. Yet how can those like UNFPA who advocate abortion rights possible complain when Chinese families, exercising their preference for sons, abort baby girls? Is that any less morally justifiable than aborting simply for the sake of convenience, as is common in the West, or because the unborn child has a minor birth defect such as a cleft palate? So as a result of abortion's availability, there are up to 200 million missing women worldwideĐand 200 million men and boys who will never be able to marry. No one who believes that a woman should be free to choose abortion has a right to complain about the baleful and increasing ill effect of this rapidly growing global gender imbalance. However, in some countries and China in particular, it has come about not just because of women's choices, but because of government policies that restrict family sizeĐwhich UNFPA has long subsidized with its own population control activities in China. If families can have only one or two children, many take steps to ensure they have a son.

"Partnership in Action: The European Union and UNFPA": Need more be said?

Plenty of other examples in UNFPA's standard links, such as "Improving Reproductive Health" (measured primarily by how many women use contraception), "Promoting Gender Equality" (measured in great degree by how many women work outside the home), "Preventing HIV Infection" (measured by how many people use condoms), and the like.

It is extraordinary that in a worldwide era of collapsing birthrates, dissolving families, rampant promiscuity with its attendant spread of disease, and the continued existence of small ethnic groups threatened by lack of children, all that UNFPA can talk about is the need for more contraception, fewer people, and freer sexual mores.

Genghis Khan wrote, "My descendants will be clad in cloth of gold; they will be mounted on superb chargers and embrace the most beautiful young women. And they will have forgotten to whom they owe all this." As he was fond of taking beautiful young women as his concubines himself, 0.5% of the male population of the world may be descended from him. But, of course, few are actually Mongolian.

Let's take Mongolians as a test case and see where that nation is in ten years. Under the tutelage of UNFPA and similar Western agencies, I would wager they will be well on their way to permanent extinctionĐa kindler, gentler kind of genocide.