Here come the Death Clinics we've been warning about!

Ron Panzer
August 12 2010
Reproduced with Permission
Hospice Patients Alliance

In the tiny country of the Netherlands there were 2,636 reported imposed deaths (cases of euthanasia). There are certainly many cases that are not reported. In many instances, patients are killed without their permission or even with their knowledge (We know that from various studies conducted in the Netherlands).

The move to "normalize" medical killing is gaining momentum worldwide as we see being done in the Netherlands. There is a drive to promote research that seeks to justify the withholding of formerly routine treatment (like providing food to Alzheimers patients) from the elderly and severely disabled. Another treatment they are trying to increasingly withhold from dementia patients is antibiotic treatment for pneumonia (in other words, let them die from pneumonia intentionally). See "Study questions dementia care - Using antibiotics for pneumonia could do harm":

The Netherlands population was 16,445,593 in 2008 about 18.45 times smaller than the US population of 303,500,000 in 2008. If we extrapolate the same rate of euthanasia and apply it to the population in the US we would have: (18.45 x 2,636 =) about 48,634 imposed deaths in the USA! I estimate that there are many more in actuality here in the USA.

If the trends continue, and if the culture of death zealots get their way, legalization of euthanasia may occur in the USA ... something completely unthinkable just a few years back. With government officials openly promoting restricting access to care for the elderly, a/k/a "health care rationing," it is just a few steps forward and euthanasia proponents will be openly pushing for it being legalized nationwide.

Hospices, formerly dedicated to the mission of relieving suffering at the end-of-life but who would never hasten death, may become the "death clinics" or killing fields we've been warning about for many years ... the opposite of what the public has been sold as "hospice."

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