Unmasking the Dragon

Ron Panzer
April 18, 2014
Reproduced with Permission
Hospice Patients Alliance

Who are we that we could describe your magesty Lord?
Who are we to say anything at all about You?
You show us the way forward, that we may listen!
We have been so lost and stumble without true guides.
You are our only and enduring hope!
Help us find our way once more!

When the dragon seizes the one you love, your heart sinks. You know it's over. Death is certain, unless by some great miracle, he were to be saved. Does it ever happen?

We are the ones who invited the dragon into our midst, and now he is here. The dragon feels no hesitation; the dragon cares nothing at all. The dragon does what dragons do: plunder, destroy, and kill.

How many years we have been hearing that patients have been medically-killed! How many years people refused to hear and listen! How many years so very few believed! How many years people continue to live such self-concerned and shallow lives. I and so many others have done this, and now a price is to be paid.

Now, you believe and understand. You have also seen the dragon, and the dragon is evil in our world. Even though you had been warned, you laughed then and pushed aside any consideration that you needed to do something. Now, the dragon is touching your world. Now, it matters, but it may be too late.

You weep at what you see. You can't understand how it is all possible, but once the wrong path has been taken for so long, it leads to very dark places, and that is where we are as a nation and a people.

I need not write what thousands of others have written to describe the details. If you look deeply just about anywhere in our world around you will see the chaos, the destruction, the violence, the harm to the helpless and the ever-worsening loss.

People call here and to many other advocates reporting what they are experiencing, what their loved ones have suffered, and how their lives were snuffed out, and they cannot understand. But we understand. The illusions that covered our eyes and distorted our vision have been removed. We see the dragon and are not surprised.

But you are surprised, because you still believe in the illusion. And because you believe in the illusion, you are complacent, believing that all will be well. Many still party and dance while the nation suffers. " Our lives have not been touched yet!" they think. "No worries!" they've been deceitfully led to believe.

Why not dance and party? Much has been well for so long, there is much to enjoy in this world. "Eat, drink and be merry!" they shout.

But now, it is clear that the covering grace protecting our nation has been removed. Yes, such a strange concept to those who have no faith, but God is very real, and He does not accept our long-standing, pervasive sin. Yes, sin , a word that is not politically correct, because it forces us to consider that God is very real and that His divine law is true (Exodus 20)!

People are worried about what might happen to our nation, just as some very naive people worry that our healthcare system might slide down the slippery slope and then legalize euthanasia, assisted-suicide, and then medically-kill those disabled, elderly and ailing patients. This is part of the delusion! We have already fallen down the slope a long, long time ago!

When our Congress replaced God's divine law and the ethics that arise from them with federal ethics , now called secular bioethics , they steered our ship of state far, far off course, and now we're going under fast. The dragon has seized our ship of state. When it's so obvious today, very few except the still-deluded (or those who support the dragon) would deny it.

Those who are in touch with people all across the nation hear their reports. They know it has already happened! The medical killing of the vulnerable is at epidemic rates already, covered up behind the HIPAA and HITECH Privacy rules along with the almost absolute censorship of the media and the government.

Some fear that our nation as a whole may be lost. Actually, if the founders were to view our nation today, they would conclude and many would agree, it is already lost. Just about every major goal of the communist party has been realized in America today, even that the word "communist" would not be spoken, not be understood, and not be feared if by chance it were mentioned at all.

In 2011, I had a vivid dream, call it what you will:

... a beautiful ocean liner, all white and gleaming, shining in the light from the Sun, was cruising on the waters with many passengers happily waving to us from the deck. Everyone admired it as it cruised along so fast near our shoreline. It tilted over to the left side, way over with its left rail leaning so far that it was almost touching the water, and was moving through the water like that. I said, "it's over too far," "It's going too fast." "It can go under!" We who were watching from the hill saw it go under the water in an instant. I ran and called to the others on the hill: "we have to help the survivors!" And we all ran down and dove in and helped pull out the survivors one by one, holding them by their hands, and bringing them to the shore and back up the hill.

The ship sailing on the ocean that went under is the American national ship of state. The glory of the ship is reflected glory, glory only coming from the dear Lord's grace and blessing upon the American nation. The international esteem our nation has enjoyed and its well-being and prosperity, has been conditioned upon our traveling along the well-lit path of His moral law.

Our nation has gone so far off course, been so mismanaged, and has abandoned its Constitutional principles. As a people we have betrayed the dear Lord and have defied His will. We have squandered the many chances He has given us. We have squandered the opportunity to live in liberty, giving Him the glory.

We have simply become a nation of materialistic and self-concerned individuals living out licentious life-styles, doing whatever we want without concern for the dear Lord or the moral law. How much wealth and time we spend indulging our every fancy, while we ignore the pleas of those suffering and being killed in many settings!

We have ignored the pleas of the desperate within our borders. We have ignored the pleas of the poor, the disabled, the elderly, the chronically ill and ailing, so our pleas as a nation may be ignored in the end.

Oh yes, you may say that we pay taxes and we donate to charities so that others will do the work of caring for these people. That is not enough! It is not nearly enough!

We like to have our comfortable lives and don't wish to get involved. Thousands of people have promised us they would do something, but almost all have done nothing, so the evils persist. The killings go on and on with no end in sight.

Our healthcare system is not what most think it is, and is nothing close to what it was. Those who have understood what stealth euthanasia is or have seen it know the truth.

Yes, we have some of the very best care available, but that is only true if you can access that care and are not slated for the death-protocol because you are over 65 years old, or chronically-ill, disabled or otherwise seen as a nonproductive and not worthwhile candidate for care. Today, you must prove that you are worthy of receiving care, otherwise you won't get it at all.

How many tens of millions of babies have been slain in their own mother's womb! How many of the vulnerable patients have been slain in their own HIPAA-privatized death chamber bed! How many priests, ministers and rabbis have kept quiet about all of this, helping to lull the nation's people to sleep! How many of us have done nothing at all to save those who have been targeted!

I had another vivid dream in 2012:

I saw a beautiful woman dressed in a fine, sparkling golden dress, on a splendorous sunny day. She walked toward the masses of the needy and served them with great love.

I believe that the beautiful woman represents the body of all believers, those who are true to His calling in their lives and serve those in need. God's grace shines upon the people through our service. Not through our taxes or merely donations!

It is we who must become involved in some way, as we are each led to do.

It is not enough to attend a church, temple or synogogue, nor enough to throw some money at a charity if we do. We were called to live lives that reached out to people directly, and if we cannot do that, will not do it, why should we be saved? Why should our nation survive?

Why would the dear Lord preserve us if we continue to kill those He said to serve and protect?

There is a covering grace that can shield a nation. Those who have read the Bible, know that the Israel of long ago knew such a covering grace and squandered it by violating every law He gave them. We have done the same.

Our nation and our healthcare is in the mouth of the dragon, and he is tearing it up right before our eyes. This is what he wishes to do, so he is rejoicing while we weep. The path has been prepared for him by many who sought to destroy our way of life and our nation's greatness.

Yes, weep for our nation! Weep for the patients! Weep for your own family and friends and yourself, because the dragon will touch your lives, all of our lives in some way eventually! We have thrown away that which was our inheritance and disregarded the way He has shown.

Our freedoms and blessings have been paid for by the blood of those brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives to protect and preserve our nation from so many threats. So many worked for more than two centuries to preserve and perfect our nation, improving the lives of so many.

It is time to pray for our nation! It is time to remember the dear Lord!

It is time for each of us to become involved and in helping others directly as we are called to do, we will find a way home for them and for us. The nation that once was is gone! It is up to us to restore the culture of life by showing the way.

The dear Lord told us:

"... You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky,
but you cannot interpret the signs of the times. - Matthew 16:3

Will we choose to see what the signs of the times tell us now? Or will we continue to choose to ignore the warnings we have been given?

What will we do with our own lives to do anything about it? What will you do to help?

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