Abortion Thinking Is Upside Down


Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life

If anyone tells you the baby in the womb is not a baby, that person may as well tell you the earth is flat. Pro-lifers have heard the out-of-date, unscientific assertion "It's not a baby" for many years. People who say this ought to be asked when are they going to catch up with the times. These are the days of fetoscopy and fetal surgery. Of course we know when life begins. And we know that the earth is not flat.

But now those who promote abortion say something even worse than "The earth is flat." They now essentially say, "The earth is flat if you think it's flat, and it's round if you think it's round. Decide for yourself." Whether the baby in the womb is a baby or not really doesn't matter to them, because its fate will depend on the mother's choice. Period. This is the mentality we are dealing with. It was clearly expressed to me one day by a man holding a sign that said "Keep Baby-Killing Legal." He told me that he supports abortion and wants to be honest about what he is supporting. The value of the baby depends on the mother's choice. Pro-lifers need to understand that this is how a growing number of pro-abortion people think. In dealing with this attitude, we need to point out several things.

1. People's decisions don't determine reality. I cannot even decide the weather. It should be even clearer that the moral value of a life cannot depend on my choice.

2. If the value of others' lives does depend on my choice, then all people are not equal. Values are founded on the teaching that all people are equal, and that the weak should be protected from the strong.

3. If the value of a life depends on my choice, then so does the value of a lot of other things. If a mother can decide to kill her own child, then she can also decide to beat her own child, or cut off the child's hand, or torture the child. If, furthermore, a child's life depends on choice, then so does a house, a car, and a bank account. If baby-killing can be legal, why not car theft and bank robbery?

"But those things are illegal," someone will say. So what? If the value of a life depends on my choice, so does the value of a law. The law has value if I say it does. Abortion is OK if I say it is. The earth is flat if I say it is. It should be clear from this line of reasoning that the pro-abortion mentality turns civilization upside down, and produces a chaos that the pro-abortion people themselves will not want.

The difference between them and us, of course, is that we see that more chaos necessarily follows in the wake of abortion. They say it follows only if they think it does.