King's Dream, Continued

Frank Pavone
Reproduced with Permission

It was a pleasant afternoon in Birmingham, Alabama. I pulled into the gas station and got the attention of the woman who had just put gas in her car. My guests and I asked her if she knew, by chance, the location of the house that used to be the family home of Rev. A.D. King, the brother of Martin Luther King, Jr. In fact, she did, and she led us there.

I had reason to find out, because in the car with me and my associate was DrAlveda King, the daughter of A.D. and the niece of Martin. She had come to Birmingham from Atlanta, where she resides, to be a guest on my television program Defending Life. And now she wanted to take some time to revisit a bittersweet memory -- the home where she lived as a young girl. It was a home that was bombed by those who hated the civil rights activism of her family. In fact, because of multiple bombings, the city of Birmingham was nicknamed "Bombingham."

We found the house. She pointed out where the bombing occurred and related other memories. Then she wanted some time alone, and walked down the street for a while. I knew that the experience touched her deeply, and after this visit to her past, she was able to finish writing her new book, Sons of Thunder: The King Family Legacy (available at

On a later occasion she told me how her memories coincided with her defense of the unborn from abortion. Just as she and her family were comfortably in their home, which should be a place of safety, but were violently attacked by the bomb, so the unborn are in the womb, which should be a place of safety, but is violently attacked by abortion.

Alveda is strongly pro-life, and speaks out on it constantly. In fact, as someone who has experienced abortion, she is now part of Priests for Life's Silent No More Awareness Campaign. On her website, Alveda asks the poignant question, "How can the dream survive if we murder the children?" She then goes on to say, "I join the voices of thousands across America who can no longer sit idly by and allow this horrible spirit of murder to cut down, yes cut out and cut away our unborn... This is the day to choose life. We must live and allow our babies to live. If the Dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is to live, our babies must live."

I thank God for Alveda's voice on abortion. While Black women constitute about 13% of the childbearing population, they have over one third of the abortions -- not because they favor abortion as a people, but because they have been targeted by the abortion industry. Unfortunately, so many Black leaders fail to call their people to vote pro-life. Instead, they support pro- abortion candidates.

Especially in an election year, the voice of Dr. Alveda King is a welcome gift.