Attention, Clinic Workers!

Frank Pavone, Rev.
National Director/ Priests for Life
October 07, 2001

A new chapter in the abortion war is opening up, and it focuses on the people who staff abortion facilities, and how they can be in legal trouble for participating in, or not exposing, illegal activities. Being aware of how much illegal activity occurs in abortion clinics, and what the red flags are which indicate it may be happening, can enable employees to protect themselves, and can enable pro–life people to help those employees leave the clinics, eventually shutting them down.

What kind of illegal activities are we speaking about?

The list includes income tax evasion, Medicaid fraud, insurance fraud, money laundering, sexual harassment of employees, sexual assault of patients, physical assault of patients, statutory rape, health and safety issues within the clinic, and consumer fraud, among others.

These activities are rampant in abortion clinics, because these clinics are the most unregulated surgical facilities in the nation. After all, you can't practice vice virtuously, and when your conscience is so diluted that you can kill innocent babies, these other violations are small potatoes in comparison.

Now many people may think that the staff workers in these facilities — such as the receptionists, the assistants, the “counselors,” — are hard–core, fully–committed pro–abortion persons. But that is not the case. Many of them are against abortion, or don't even think about the moral aspects of it. And it does not take much to convince many of them to leave, especially if they realize they might be unwitting accomplices in illegal activity.

By letting these clinic workers know the kinds of illegal activities in which they may be implicated, we in the pro–life community can bring many of them out of the industry, and bring legal action against the clinics.

My friend Mark Crutcher and his team at Life Dynamics, Inc. have established a website,, which gives more details about how to detect this illegal activity. Regarding signs of possible income tax evasion, for example, one should ask questions like, Does your employer or director use multiple accounting ledgers?; Are financial records ever written in pencil?; and Does the clinic ever fail to give receipts for cash payments?

In many of the areas mentioned above, one has a moral and even legal obligation to report actual or possible abuses. Moreover, if an employee knows of such situations, others do as well. The first person to bring forward such information is often protected if authorities can be led to apprehend those responsible, and rewards sometimes accompany the revelation of these crimes.

Pro–life people have an opportunity to alert clinic workers to this situation by means of a new poster and business cards available through the website,, or by calling (940) 380 – 8800. The poster should be used at demonstrations at abortion sites, and it is particularly important to go there on days when abortions are not being performed, because staff persons present on those days are more likely to both notice and talk about these matters.

Let's use this new and powerful approach today!