September 11 and Abortion

Frank Pavone, Rev.
National Director/ Priests for Life
January 14, 2002

A number of commentators since September 11 have carefully drawn the comparison between the acts of terrorism that occurred on that day and the daily terrorism of abortion. Both are attacks on innocent human life.

Another link between the two is the perversion of religion.

Priests for Life maintains excellent working relationships with Muslims, and the people who work with us could never imagine a God who would justify people taking innocent human life. Yet we have learned that there are people in the world who call upon the one they regard as the world's Creator, and thank Him for the successful destruction of some of His creatures.

"You shall not use the Name of the Lord your God in vain." That commandment does not simply forbid using God's name as a curse word. It forbids invoking God to justify evil acts. It forbids thanking God for what happened on September 11.

The name of God is also taken in vain to justify abortion. Many supporters of the killing of innocent babies engage in the same kind of perversion of religion.

If you want proof, start by looking at the website It is the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. A more accurate title for the group would be False Prophets. They take the name of Jesus Christ, and His saving Gospel, and try to find there a justification for the dismemberment of tiny children.

The logo on their website is, "We are pro-choice because of our faith."

They even have a Clergy for Choice Network. The "Clergy for Choice Pledge" reads in part, "We clergy members, representing many different religious denominations around the country, pledge our strong support for reproductive choice, which encompasses access to safe, reliable contraception, family planning education, comprehensive sexuality education, affordable and reliable childcare and health care, adoption services, and access to safe, legal, and affordable abortions."

If you still doubt that abortion involves an explicit perversion of religion, read the cover story in the October 1993 issue of New Age Journal ("Sister Against Sister," p.66). Author Brenda Peterson writes, "In her book Pagan Meditations, Ginette Paris describes abortion as an essentially religious act, a sacred sacrifice to Artemis. 'One aborts an impossible love,' she writes, 'not a hatred.' In her new book, The Sacrament of Abortion, Paris explains further that if we saw abortion as a sacred ritual, it would restore to the act a sense of the sanctity of life."

Newsweek magazine reports (October 17,1994) that many abortionists "have a missionary sense about their work." Dr. Curtis Boyd, a Texas abortionist, told the magazine, "I perform abortions because of my religion." Dr. Boyd is often asked by Native American women to bless the aborted fetus, and by Catholic women to baptize it. He proposes schools of theology develop special ceremonies and prayers to mark the loss of a fetus.

You shall not use the name of the Lord in vain — neither for terrorism against the born or the unborn.