"Peaceful Co-existence?" Not!!!

Deborah Sturm
June 29, 2015
Reproduced with Permission

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has once again made a decision, like the hideous and deadly Roe vs. Wade decision, that emanates from the theatre of the absurd and the bowels of Hell by legalizing homosexual "marriage." The highest court of the land has essentially made a decision that is the equivalent of calling the color purple red. It is completely Orwellian. As in the movie 1984, they might as well have said that two plus two equals five. Might now makes right. The decision is completely arbitrary. Never mind all of the legal wrangling and verbal gymnastics that led to the decision. The SCOTUS, at least the "progressive" wing, is completely out of touch with reality. They treat homosexual acts as if they are equal to heterosexual acts. They are denying the existence of evil. And this is very dangerous to society.

And since homosexual acts are now regarded as merely another lifestyle choice and equal to heterosexual sex, we will be told by many that there will be "peaceful coexistence" between advocates of homosexual "marriage" and Christians - or anyone else for that matter - who advocate for a Natural Law jurisprudence. Anyone who understands that evil really exists should be able to see that serious problems lie on the horizon. Let us take a look at the words of the book of Wisdom in which the evil man speaks about the righteous man:

"As for the upright man who is poor, let us oppress him; let us not spare the widow, nor respect old age, white-haired with many years. Let our might be the yardstick of right, since weakness argues its own futility. Let us lay traps for the upright man, since he annoys us and opposes our way of life, reproaches us for our sins against the Law . . . We see him as a reproof to our way of thinking, the very sight of him weighs our spirits down . . . Let us test him with cruelty and with torture . . ." (Wisdom 2:10-12, 14, 19a, from the New Jerusalem Bible )

Evil always expands of its own accord. It is never content to limit itself in any way. There will be no peaceful coexistence. The SCOTUS's decision may look very nice on paper, but it will not work in reality. The same is true of Marxism. It looks nice on paper, but it does not work in reality and instead creates widespread poverty and oppression. When persons prevail in their choices for evil, they will invariably be deeply envious of the grace of the righteous man. To those who persist in evil, the mere existence of a holy person is a threat. The righteous man does not even need to utter a word. His presence thrusts a white hot dagger into the hearts and souls of those who choose evil. And the evil man sees himself as having the following choices - force the righteous man to believe as he believes, or cast the righteous man from his presence. Many Christians who hold to Biblical teachings will be fired from their jobs.

Nearly fifteen years ago, I was subjected to litmus testing by a pro-abortion nurse manager and an ex-Catholic, pro-abortion, transgendered, lesbian "man." These two individuals showed disdain for my pro-life position, calling me "rigid," "religiously biased," and "arrogant." They did everything they could to make my work environment intolerable. These days, a person is deemed "arrogant" if they are a moral absolutist. Yet such individuals are merely projecting their own characteristics onto Christians who hold Biblical beliefs. Are they not the ones who are truly rigid when they try to rid their environment of those who disagree with them? Are they not biased , as they favor their own pro-abortion viewpoints over anyone else's position? Are they not the ones who are arrogant , as they jettison Universal Truth and assert their own personal infallibility?

And a few years ago when I was still using Facebook, someone hacked into my account and began arguing for the legalization of homosexual "marriage." I tried as hard as I could to argue my position against homosexual "marriage" as compassionately, as reasonably, and as charitably as I possibly could. Nevertheless, I was called "bigoted." But remember, when someone resorts to name-calling, they are essentially unable to argue their position.

I believe there will eventually be a backlash to this SCOTUS decision. But it will only happen when enough people finally realize that the decision does not work in reality, that there really cannot be peaceful coexistence. In the meantime, the Church - the priests, the bishops, as well as the laity - must speak out boldly against this decision. But even more importantly, we must live virtuous lives. Patience must prevail in the face of evil. In times of persecution - which I believe is inevitable - the Church may become smaller, but it can become mightier. Small, but mighty.