Natural Family Planning: Nature's Way - God's Way

Anthony Zimmerman
De Rance, Inc. Milwaukee, 1980.
Copies available at Human Life International
Reproduced with Permission

I. Table of Contents

  1. Foreword - Terence Cardinal Cooke, Archbishop of New York
  2. Preface: The Significance of This Book - Fr. Anthony Zimmerman

Part 1: Experience

  1. Planning Something Beautiful for God - Mother Teresa (India)
  2. A Gift That Lasts - George and Sylvia
  3. Priest to Priest - Fr. Dennis St. Marie (El Salvador)
  4. A Philippine Experience - Sister Helen Paul (U.S.A.)
  5. Mauritius: Non-Christians Find NFP Satisfactory - St. Marie Bishop Jean Margeot, D.D., Dr. med. Pierre Piat
  6. "We Actually Felt Desperate" - John and Jeannie (USA)
  7. A Quarter-Century of NFP Experience - Dr. med. H.P. Dunn (New Zealand)
  8. The Myth of Spontaneity - Fr. Gilbert Gomez (Latin America)
  9. Three Decades of Promoting NFP - Fr. Paul Marx, OSB, Ph. D. (USA)
  10. Family Life Education in Krakow - Dr. med. Wanda Poltawska (Poland)
  11. "We Didn't Want to Say 'No' to Each Other" - Michael and Marilyn (U.S.A.)
  12. Is NFP a Threat to Kindergartens? - Fr. A. Zimmerman, S.V.D., STD (Japan)
  13. What Some Priests Don't Know about NFP - Dr. med. E. Wojcic (Austria)
  14. NFP: An Art to Be Learned - Mr. John Kippley (U.S.A.)
  15. Vignettes from Poland: Family Experience - Sophia and Joseph, others
  16. About Biology, Desire and Loving - Joseph and Arlette D'Sousa (India)
  17. A Physician Speaks on Right to Life - Dr. med. Herbert Ratner (USA)
  18. Education in Love and Sexuality: A French Experience - Dr. med. Charles and Elisabeth Rendu (France)
  19. Humanae Vitae Once Seemed rigid, now prophetic - Canadian Couple
  20. Will Japan Follow the Natural Way? - Fr. Anthony Zimmerman
  21. Storing Sexual Energies - Miss Nona Aguilar (USA)
  22. NFP Comes to the Congo - Francoise and Zephyrin Goma (Congo)
  23. A Rage Against Humanae Vitae - Gene and Judy (USA)
  24. Haiti Soured on the IUD, Moving toward NFP - Fr. Michael Welters (Haiti)
  25. Teaching NFP in the Archdiocese of Krakow - Eve C. (Poland)
  26. NFP on The Move: Spotlight Parade - Fr. Pedro Richards, C.P. (Latin America) and Coordinator
  27. Motherhood Is Golden: NFP Can Help - Mrs. Erica John (USA)
  28. Education of The Couple and Responsible Parenthood - Dr. med. Teresa Forrero de Ramos (Latin America)
  29. Large Families, Child-Spacing, and When to Start NFP - The Coordinator

Part 2: Sciences

  1. Contribution from the Social Sciences - Dr. med. Francois Guy (France)
  2. The Instincts of Love - Dr. med. Jerome Lejeune (France)
  3. A Few Reminders about the Menstrual Cycle - Dr. med. Michele Guy (France)
  4. The Sympto-Thermal Methods - Dr. med. Suzanne Parenteau-Carreau (Canada)
  5. The Ovulation Method - Drs. med. Evelyn and John Billings (Australia)
  6. Wilhelm Hillebrand, The First Teacher of the STM - Dr. med. Rudolf F. Vollman (Switzerland)
  7. Teaching NFP In Winnipeg - Drs. med. Paul and Louise Adams (Canada)
  8. Each Natural Method Has Its Own Conditions of Application - Gabriele Bonomi (Italy)
  9. Self-Observed Cervical Signs - Dr. med. Edward Keefe (USA)
  10. Sympto-Thermal Methods of NFP - Dr. med. Josef Roetzer (Austria)
  11. Programs in Latin America - Dr. med. Armando Cifuentes (Columbia)
  12. Research in Natural Family Planning - J.M. Spieler, World Health Organization (Geneva)
  13. My Experience with the Temperature Method for Birth Control - Dr. med. G.K. Doering (Germany)
  14. Use-Effectiveness of the Ovulation Method Initiated after Childbirth (Preliminary Report) - Dr. med. Alfredo Perez-Sanchez (Chile)
  15. Psychology and Psychopathology of Fertility - Dr. med. Wanda Poltawska (Poland)
  16. Natural Family Planning Programs: Development and Evaluation - Dr. med. Claude Lanctot (USA)

Part 3: Theology

  1. Spouses As Ministers Of God's Design - Dionigi Tettamanzi, Editor Theology Section (Milan)
  2. A Prophetic Message under Contestation - Gustave Martelet, past member of the International Theology Commission (Paris)
  3. Responsible Parenthood And Birth Control Methods - Dionigi Tettamanzi (Milan)
  4. The Moral Disorder of Contraception - Carlo Caffarra, past member of the International Theology Commission (Milan)
  5. Christian Conscience and HV with Comment of Fr. Zimmerman - Boniface Honings (Rome, Lateran)
  6. The Role Of Continence In Conjugal Life - Edouard Hamel, past member of the International Theological Commission (Rome, Gregorian)
  7. The Magisterium of the Pope and of the Episcopal Conferences: The Theological Qualification of the Doctrine Expressed in the Encyclical Humanae Vitae - Marcellino Zalba (Rome, Gregorian)


  1. Pontifical Documents concerning the Natural Regulation of Births
  2. Encyclical Humanae Vitae Pope Paul VI
  3. Magisterial Documents 1970-1980

Pope John Paul II asked Archbishop Tomko to have this book composed for distribution to members of the Synod of Bishops in 1980 with the hopes that all would become familiar with basic knowledge about natural family planning, its actual practice at the grass roots level, the science on which it is based, and theological aspects. Cardinal Tomko then assembled the writers and guided them at several editorial meetings held at the Vatican. The book has three sections, experience, science, and theology.

II. Introduction

What should a pope do if he is convinced that all married couples and the young should have access to knowledge about the rhythms of fertility (Familiaris Consortio, No. 30)? What John Paul II did was commission this book. He then personally distributed one copy each to the Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops and other members of the Synod on the Family held in Rome in 1980.

Archbishop Josef Tomko, then Secretary of the Synod of Bishops, had shepherded the editors, contributors, scientists, and theologians at preparatory sessions. After completion, the Pope met the contributors a second time. He told them, with a touch of humor: "Christ told Peter to confirm the brethren; but the Pope is also grateful when brethren confirm the Pope."

Through the generosity, friendship, and practical assistance of members of the De Rance Foundation, the volume was produced on schedule. Copies of the book were then distributed around the globe through the capable cooperation of Human Life International.

The collection has three sections: experience, science, and theology. Read in the company of great people, including Mother Teresa, who was there when we presented the book to the Pope on October 8, 1980, while the Synod of Bishops was in session.

Imprimi Potest:
Donald P. Mulrenan, S.V.D.
Provincial Superior
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Censor Librorum

George H. Speltz, D.D., Ph.D.
Bishop of St. Cloud
St. Cloud Chancery
St. Cloud, Minnesota 56321 June 24, 1980

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Editor: Part 3, Theology - Fr. Dionigi Tettamanzi, Milan

The entire book or significant parts of this book also appeared in Italian, Spanish, French, German for members of the 1980 Synod of Bishops. Parts of it were later translated into  Polish and Japanese language.

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