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As president and founder of American Life League , Judie Brown focuses on the urgent need for America to restore respect for innocent human beings--in society, in the law and in daily life. American Life League began in 1979. It is the nation's largest grass-roots pro-life educational organization, with more than 300,000 American families supporting its work in prayer and with donations.


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Fetal Tissue Research: What Really Works May Surprise You!

Once again the practice of using aborted preborn babies for their body parts and tissues has made the news. This time the reporting is based on a sickening congressional letter addressed to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and signed by 98 members of Congress.

Date posted: 2016-05-15

Stage Three Cancer of the National Psyche

Stage three cancer that has spread to surrounding tissue. It is an extremely serious situation for the patient. In the case of America's ability to fight off the evils of today, it would be safe to say that we are at that tipping point in our cultural cancer. We are killing what little is left of the goodness, moral backbone, and abhorrence of evil that once made this nation great.

Date posted: 2016-05-05

Congress Investigates Heinous Crimes

The Committee on Energy and Commerce in the US House of Representatives has convened a Select Investigative Panel to probe the marketing and sale of aborted baby body parts.

Date posted: 2016-05-05

Truth Always Gets Mutilated in a Vacuum

Nothing shocks us any longer, but some things force us to see the actual hideousness of what some describe as business as usual. Three separate incidents underscore my point.

Date posted: 2016-04-21

Abortion from the Abysmal Depths

Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen once asked a rhetorical question with a not so far-fetched answer. He wrote, "Why are those who are notoriously undisciplined and unmoral also most contemptuous of religion and morality?"

Date posted: 2016-03-26

American Catholic Bishops and Yet Another Scandal

Over the past 30 years or so, there appears to have been a shift in the way Catholic bishops in America handle things that were at one time deemed scandalous.

Date posted: 2016-03-20

Parents and Teachers: Take Control of Your Children's Education

We have been blind. As we work diligently to educate the public about the horrors of abortion and the threats to human dignity, the culture of death has crept into our schools, working to destroy the innocence of our children.

Date posted: 2016-03-18

Stopping the Culture of Death Trajectory

It doesn't take a physicist to figure out that our planet is collapsing under the weight of a culture steeped in gook! It's like quicksand; it sucks you in before you know what's happening.

Date posted: 2016-03-17

Abortion's Cruel and Inhumane Face

All of this should be shocking to the average American, and difficult to understand. How could we as a nation have grown so bloodthirsty, so callous in our regard for human beings, so blasé about something as violent as abortion? The answer is that it has taken years to get to this point.

Date posted: 2016-02-29

Birth Control, Alcohol, and Common Sense

The minds of women who plan to get pregnant are flooded with concerns about the growing baby. One such concern involves drinking alcohol while pregnant.

Date posted: 2016-02-28

Zika Virus Opportunists

As we strive to support those seeking ethical responses to the dreaded virus, we are ever mindful of the fact that the end game is not ending the pregnancies of women possibly exposed to the virus, but ending the mosquito at the heart of the epidemic.

Date posted: 2016-02-27

Planned Parenthood at the Nexus of Evil and Ignorance

Events of the past week seem to intersect at the corner of morally bankrupt and socially corrupt. Let me explain.

Date posted: 2016-02-06

Racial Discrimination Escalating

Cultural silence on the subject of Racial Eugenic Targeted Abortion is deafening and yet RETA is not only a fact, but also a very good example of racism.

Date posted: 2016-01-31

Childhood Vaccines and the Murky Waters of Religious Freedom

America is fast becoming a nation where religious freedom rights are challenged and at times denied. Such is the case involving parents of children who do not want to have their children vaccinated. These parents not only have grave concerns about the welfare of their children, but sound arguments for protecting them from vaccination.

Date posted: 2016-01-18