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As president and founder of American Life League , Judie Brown focuses on the urgent need for America to restore respect for innocent human beings--in society, in the law and in daily life. American Life League began in 1979. It is the nation's largest grass-roots pro-life educational organization, with more than 300,000 American families supporting its work in prayer and with donations.


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New! Why you should teach fetal development to your young children

It's hard to keep young children from being traumatized by the horrors of the abortion industry and the culture of death. But the reality is that, sooner or later, your kids will learn about abortion. Here are a few steps you can take to ensure that your children have a firm foundation in the Culture of Life.

Date posted: 2015-08-23

New! All Babies Want Us to Tell the Truth

The past couple of weeks have filled the airwaves with the truth about what Planned Parenthood's many medical practitioners do to "serve" the public. A gory picture is emerging as we witness the disturbing conversations from videos issued by the Center for Medical Progress.

Date posted: 2015-08-23

New! Latest Planned Parenthood Project: Cut Up That Baby and Sell His Parts!

While Mr. Ferrero defines what is discussed in the video as "scientific research," many of us would call it murder in the first degree. To use the parts of one human being's body to allegedly research treatment for another person's condition is beyond the pale!

Date posted: 2015-08-23

The Arsenic of Human Kindness

The Washington Post has a way with words when it comes to topics such as euthanizing the elderly and the dying. A recent headline, "A Humane Way to End Life," caught my eye because of the underlying message that assisted suicide is actually a good idea.

Date posted: 2015-08-21

Abortion in Overdrive

Over the past few weeks it has become abundantly clear that the tipping point for the radical abortion machine is upon us - and it's a frightening image.

Date posted: 2015-08-21

Driving the Stake into Its Heart

It has now been five videos, but in reality it has been nearly 100 years, and still the beast that devours our preborn children and the souls of our living children prowls this earth.

Date posted: 2015-08-21

Lashing out at a Lion

Heroic Catholic leader Cardinal Raymond Burke has recently become the target of vitriolic language among those who have chosen to fashion the argument that Catholic teachings are out of date and represent "hatred and bigotry."

Date posted: 2015-08-20

Acting to Expose the Pill

It is no secret that American Life League has been hard at work exposing the facts about the birth control pill ever since our first educational efforts took shape in the early 1980s. This is because we know that it is impossible to end the killing of the preborn if one fails to expose the pill, which is also deadly to children prior to birth.

Date posted: 2015-08-20

Plugging the Cultural Dam

Considering the direction society has taken in the last 30 days - or should I say the direction that five members of the United States Supreme Court are dragging us - perhaps it is time to do some thinking.

Date posted: 2015-08-10

Plugging the Cultural Dam

Considering the direction society has taken in the last 30 days - or should I say the direction that five members of the United States Supreme Court are dragging us - perhaps it is time to do some thinking

Date posted: 2015-07-13

Ruthless Sympathy

What is happening in our country when killing is preferable - and acceptable - to selfless love for the suffering? Too many instances lately shine a light on the depravity of this behavior and on our ever-declining treatment of our fellow human beings whom we call "expendable."

Date posted: 2015-06-23

CRS Smells Like Rotten Eggs

Homosexuality is the issue; it should have been the single focus of Woo's comments, and her position should have been consonant with Catholic teaching. To wit, homosexuality is a grave moral disorder. Contrary to Woo's comments, there is nothing complex about this at all.

Date posted: 2015-06-23

Does that Baby Feel Pain?

Abortion affects everyone. Dr. Bernard Nathanson showed that the child in the womb silently screamed and tried desperately to get away just before his life was terminated.

Date posted: 2015-06-03

Planned Parenthood and Tuskegee - No Difference

In 1932 an experiment by our government involved a group of 600 impoverished black men, most of whom had the sexually transmitted disease syphilis, all of whom became human guinea pigs used at taxpayer expense for reasons that are both atrocious and inhumane.

Date posted: 2015-06-02

Babies 'Incompatible with Life'

Geneva Declaration on Perinatal Care affirms the truth that total protection for each and every preborn child from creation to death is logical, reasonable, and unassailable.

Date posted: 2015-05-31

Science Run Amok

Examine The New Catholic Encyclopedia entry on human embryology and read the illustrations. You will find it to be a goldmine of information and the education each of us needs in this struggle. Then share it - and related articles - with those who want to end the scourge.

Date posted: 2015-05-11

Catholic Bishops - Please Do Not Be Silent!

Children who are raised in a Catholic environment have the singular blessing of being around ordained priests, and often bishops, who shine the light of truth by their actions and their words. That is the way it should be. But all too often that blessing becomes a curse if the wrong lessons are being taught and the wrong deeds are being observed.

Date posted: 2015-05-11

Catholic Bishops Who Dishearten

Catholic leadership often creates a level of discomfort among those of us who believe that today's culture wars require saints and martyrs rather than politicians masquerading as bishops and priests.

Date posted: 2015-04-26

If Only Granny Were a Wild Animal!

It becomes clearer every day that if Granny were not a human being, her chances of being protected from evil acts designed to take her life would be far better

Date posted: 2015-04-26

Making Babies without God

Catholic bishops in Poland do not mince words when it comes to sending a clear message on a subject as fundamental to Catholic teaching as the practice of making babies by artificial methods. Recently, when Polish lawmakers chose to debate a proposal regarding this matter, "the Polish bishops conference issued a strong statement on the moral dangers of artificial procreation techniques like in vitro fertilization and so-called 'surrogacy.'" Poland's Catholic bishops pointed out that good can never be achieved by using evil means.

Date posted: 2015-04-26

Archbishop Cordileone and the Lost Sheep

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone has stepped out in faith and justice and in defense of Catholic high school students' rights to be educated according to Catholic doctrine.

Date posted: 2015-03-22

A Child Is Never a Burden

The stories of heroic mothers rarely appear on the nightly news, even when they include prominent figures like Genevieve Shaw Brown, Travel and Lifestyle Editor for ABC News.

Date posted: 2015-03-22

Two Parents, Multiple Parents, Human Clones, Scientific Deceptions, and Nightmares!

Something absurd has been happening in Great Britain for the past five years or so. Researchers have been playing with human genes and cells to an extent that was known and understandable only to those familiar with professional research papers. But now the facts about the so-called "3-parent embryo" are out. And we should be concerned.

Date posted: 2015-03-05

A Cold, Cold Heart

There ring in my childhood memory the songs of Hank Williams - songs my dad loved to listen to as he strummed his guitar. One in particular was a classic called "Cold, Cold Heart." As I sit and think about it, I realize that those three words truly define the cultural attitudes of our day toward those in our midst who require care, unselfish love, and time.

Date posted: 2015-03-05

Bringing Abortion out of the Closet?

Planned Parenthood executives never cease to amaze me with their rhetoric, their lies, and their unashamed enthusiasm for aborting babies. Just recently I was once again astounded after reading Darrah DiGiorgio Johnson's guest commentary in a local newspaper

Date posted: 2015-03-05

Measles Vax: a Not So Innocent Shot in the arm

To hear the major media tell it, the brouhaha over the MMR vaccine is really nothing more than a misunderstanding created by a former Playboy bunny, Jenny McCarthy, and her allegedly trumped up claims about the connections between autism and the vaccine.

Date posted: 2015-03-05

The Pill and the Big Chill

Freezing out the truth has long been a part of the persona that identifies Planned Parenthood and its allies. This particular characteristic - fabrication instead of confirmation - goes all the way back to the first days of Margaret Sanger's public life.

Date posted: 2015-03-05

'Volunteering' to Die

The life of a human being is something that should be treasured, valued, and respected. Yet we don't see that in today's society when it comes to a tiny preborn baby, a terminally sick individual, an elderly person, or anyone deemed unworthy or unwanted. More often than not, these people are seen as expendable or "better off dead." We must change this twisted mindset.

Date posted: 2015-02-07

Shepherds Who Rock Our World

We are proud of the actions of clergy who stand up for the truths of the Church and who, despite backlash from secular society, refuse to back down. This is truly what it means to lead. And we must strive to follow this lead - not only in our own hearts, but with our own voices.

Date posted: 2015-02-07

The Cuomo Effect: Catholic Bishops, Politics, and Christ

Defending Christ in the Eucharist is something that no clergy should be afraid to do. When we receive His most precious body and blood, we must do so reverently and free from mortal sin. This includes all Catholics and anyone who calls himself a Catholic. To receive Our Lord in any other way is sacrilege.

Date posted: 2015-02-07