Why Genetically Engineered Vaccines Are Dangerous

Dianne N. Irving
copyright November 4, 2020
Reproduced with Permission

I. Introduction:

One major result of the overwhelming concerns of the global COVID-19 "pandemic" is the rapid production of vaccines. Aside from the obvious problems of such rapid productions, of particular concern is the production of genetically engineered vaccines that actually change the functioning of one's human genome -- and that such genetic changes are passed down through all of one's future generations

II. What are "RNA-Based" Vaccines?

There are two major types of "RNA-based" vaccines currently in production: "Human germline Genome Editing", and "Heritable Genome Editing". Human Germline Genome Editing = human embryos created are NOT used for reproduction (not implanted); Heritable Genome Editing = human embryos created ARE used for reproduction (are implanted). In either case, new living human embryos with genetically altered genomes are reproduced!

A. Long-Time Concerns About Both Techniques

The Center for Genetics and Society (CGS) is definitely NOT a "prolife" organization -- and has said so for decades. Yet it has provided everyone with objective scientific facts about human "germ line" and "heritable" gene editing for decades. Either or both of these genetic engineering techniques are being used by Moderna and a few other current COVID vaccine producers! See recent articles by the Center for Genetics and Society/BioPolitical Times: "The "Geneva Statement" Calls for Course Correction on Heritable Genome Editing" , at: https://www.geneticsandsociety.org/biopolitical-times/geneva-statement-calls-course-correction-heritable-genome-editing ; also, "Assessing the Global Policy Landscape for Human Germline and Heritable Genome Editing" , at:

See additional articles by them:

B. Arguments Against "RNA-Based" Vaccines

As noted before, the vaccine now reported by Moderna is an RNA-based vaccine . (1) Never used for flu vaccine production before; (2) No reliable "data" or research studies on such use, no Scientific Method (including independent Replication); (3) The DNA or RNA of a virus constantly changes as it infects different people (using their DNA or RNA to replicate!), so vaccine producers would not know exactly what the DNA or RNA sequence of the virus is to use in any vaccine; (4) Could use RNA to RE-code the person's own DNA against this virus .. OR use the RNA to RE-code the person's own DNA in any way they want but you won't know that; (5) RE-coding a person's natural DNA or RNA would include that person's germ line cells (primitive sperm and oocytes) and THUS the Re-coding would be passed down through that person's generations . (6) Absolutely no formal social discussions or debates on this!

Thus it is quite discouraging to see Moderna 's efforts for a vaccine are still even acknowledged as legitimate, as it is using a genetic change in the mRNA -- that changes the functioning of the DNA in the cell's mitochondria in the cytoplasm outside the cell's nucleus, causing that DNA to produce "foreign" proteins. Please note that both the DNA in the cell nucleus AND the DNA in the mitochondria constitute the "human GENOME" . This genetic engineering technique is one that has received extensive international criticisms, a procedure called "Germ Line Gene Editing" or "Heritable Genome Editing" -- depending on whether the human embryo created is implanted or not. "Germ line cells" are the primitive sperm and oocytes; thus such "editing" would be passed down through a person's future generations.

Such genetic changes are touted by Transhumanists to create "post-humans" who would have a different genome than members of the human species.

C. Conclusion

Given all of the above, why would anyone want to use "vaccines" to change our natural DNA genomes? Why don't they call it like it is -- genetic engineering? Who would be making the decisions as to which changes would be used? Obviously, if people don't really know precisely what is in those "vaccines" and precisely what the consequences are to them in-the-flesh -- including those volunteers to be used in 4 stages of clinical trials -- then they are precluded from giving ethically and legally required INFORMED CONSENT . Far far more needs to be discussed, debated and determined about the use of any RNA-based "vaccine", especially this one by Moderna.