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Dr. Irving's professional activities include teaching positions at Georgetown University, Catholic University of America, and The Dominican House of Studies. She represented the Catholic Medical Association of the United States, and the International Federation of Catholic Medical Associations, at the Scientific Conference in Mexico City, Mexico, October 28, 1999 and presented a paper on "The Dignity and Status of the Human Embryo". Dr. Irving is a former career-appointed bench research biochemist/biologist (NIH, NCI, Bethesda, MD), an M.A. and Ph.D. philosopher (Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.), and Professor of the History of Philosophy, and of Medical Ethics.

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What you need to know about "IVG" (in vitro generated gametes)

"IVG", or in vitro generated gametes, is already a reality, can be accomplished by several different kinds of asexual reproductive techniques, starting with different kinds of cells, yet very little attention has been paid to it by the public. When used with human cells, IVG is a form of human genetic engineering, and a form of human cloning -- all accomplished before the use of these engineered experimental gametes are used in "fertilization". All the foreign genes involved in this engineering feat will also be passed down through the new genetically engineered embryo's descendants

Date posted: 2014-03-22

Irving Re Gardner's Rejection of Herranz's New "Theory" on Human MZ Twinning

Summary: Any genuine bench research scientist knows all too well that you can fool some of the scientists all of the time, and all of the scientists some of the time, but you can't fool all of the scientists all of the time -- regardless if they are "prolife" or "prochoice". Such is the case with the very odd phenomenon we are currently witnessing with Herranz's recent new "theory" on human monozygotic (MZ) "identical" twinning.

Date posted: 2014-03-15

Irving Re Denker's [Comments on G. Herranz: The timing of monozygotic twinning: a criticism of the common model] in Zygote (2013)

The topic of monozygotic twinning (MT) on which the recent paper by Herranz (Herranz, 2013) focuses is indeed a fascinating one, not only for the embryologist. And, as pointed out by the author, it may on principle also be relevant for ethical discussions in the context of embryo research and stem cell work in humans. Obviously, this is the reason why the paper was published in Zygote, in spite of the fact that it concentrates on history and speculation. When reading through the paper, however, I have ended up disappointed.

Date posted: 2014-02-23